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Hex as in Hexadecimal = Number System in base 16, used in mathematics and computing.
Appeal = The power of attracting or of arousing interest.

Some Part(s) of this site were updated on May 25th, 2021.

New - 12/28/2020 - 137 / 2020 Rigged Election?
Added to - 01/01/2021 - Our Links (Current Event / Real News & Blogs Links)
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Added links to my Hashtags above; (#) so you can see the why I placed ↑ them there..
Added to the list of Replacements for Facebook and Twitter in the Alt Media List to help people with the "Censorship Problem" we seem to be having now Daze.

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I have been working on a few things, so I haven't updated much in the last month. Updates coming soon, as soon as I figure what direction I want to go know that all the fun and games are over with the Political Scene. Stay tuned for more over the next week or so..
A little more to see here now, but I am working on adding more. Now that I have the time due to Covid-19, I'm going to try and make this simple, and with any luck the links I put up here will stay active for longer than a week.

I've been down for a bit, as at first I thought it was just a boot drive failure, and in the middle of replacing that, the 10 year old Motherboard decided it was time to fail also. So that was a double whammy, one right after the other. I just got the system up and running again with a new Motherboard and CPU, and now things seem to be running smoothly again. So with any luck, I will finish up some of the pages I started so long ago.

While I'm working on the rest of the site, feel free to look at what's here so far!