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October 30th, 2020

It's almost Election Day in the U.S.A.. This may be the ugliest Election day in American History. Two unliked people; running for the office of President, and the fight between the Parties has been intense. But I will say that this has shined a light on things you wouldn't expect in our Nation, and it's very concerning to say the least. It's not a real surprise to me, as I have been yelling about this since the early 1970's. Corruption has taken over, and now we get to see who's involved as they are now doing their corruption right out in the open. It's in the Parties; it's in the Intelligence agencies; it's in our Justice System; and it's in our News Media. No one really knows if the Elections will be the real voice of the people, or if there will be rigging going on just like Elections past. Tim Canova who ran against Debbie Wasserman Schultz explains how he lost that Election when all the polls said he was sure to win against someone who is not well liked, and even hated in most areas. Now remember, there is no Electoral College in State Elections, so the person with the most votes should win. Here he is talking about that Election, and the one that will happen in just a few days.. US Election 2020: Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden Analysis

The big problem is there is important News that is suppressed by Big Tech, and of course the Democratic Party since it deals with "Chairman" Joe Biden. He is compromised to say the least, and a Criminal too boot. Joe Biden's Son, Hunter Biden, dropped off a laptop computer to be fixed, and after it was fixed they tried many times to get in touch with Hunter Biden to get paid, and to have the laptop removed from their shop. When Hunter didn't respond in the 90 days after it was fixed, they were going to format the drives, and sell the laptop to recover the money they were owed. When they looked at what was on the laptop they found lots of information that showed what could be considered criminal actions. There was possible Pedophilia with a 14 year old family member, and possible money laundering going on. So the shop owner called the FBI, and turned over the laptop to them. For his protection, he made several copies of the hard drive. After the FBI has had the laptop for almost a year, and when no information was being released as to the data that was on that drive, turned that information over to several people as to put the pressure on the FBI to act. The New York Post got their hands on the Data from Hunter's laptop, and put in out for all to see.. Hunter Biden emails show leveraging connections with his father to boost Burisma pay
For a better timeline of this story, this site spells it out nicely.. Full Story Behind Hunter’s Laptop
Tucker Carlson interviewed one of Hunter's business partner, Tony Bobulinski, who the Biden's and Senator Adam Schitt said was a Russian Disinformation plot, to smear the Biden name. Bobulinski asked the Biden's lawyer to retract that Statement, and also have Adam Schitt to do the same within 24 hours, or he would release all the information he had. Well, they didn't retract it, so Tony Bobulinski followed through.. Tony Bobulinski Tucker Carlson Full Interview
Because of this information being released, Big Tech decided they would give the Biden's cover, and Twitter blocked this information, and even disabled the New York Post's Twitter account, and Facebook was doing the same for a bit, but now just shadowbans that story, and anything to do with Hunter Biden's laptop.
Now you also need to understand that for the past 4 years we have been hearing nothing but RussiaGate, and that was out there with Anonymous reports and documents that were made up in Cyprus, by a drunk and disgruntled Russian, who was a childhood friend of Christopher Steele. Primary Source of Russiagate, and they not only let this Fake News story out for the entire 4 years, they did everything they could to promote it. Came up as Headline News on the major Corporate News Channels, and always was first up on the Google Search Engine. So for me to see something with so much documentation, such as Hunter's signature on the receipt, the Biden's Lawyer asking for the laptop back, and the Biden's never saying it wasn't Hunter's laptop, the FBI saying it was the real deal, this kind of Censorship is also down right criminal!
What this kind of Censorship has done to our Country is unforgivable. Daniel McAdams, Patrick Lawrence and Peter Lavelle talk about Russia, Russia, Russia! on Crosstalk.

One thing this has done, as always, it gives the Comedians new material to work with.. From Jimmy Dore... Hunter Biden's Emails -- Desperate Attempt To Discredit Them! and also: Silicon Valley Billionaires CENSORING Speech On-Line! and also: Internet CENSORSHIP & Left Dissenting Journalism!.....
Even people who start their own media outlet end up losing control. Glen Greenwald co-founded the Intercept in 2013, and now they started to censor his articles, so he resigned. My Resignation From The Intercept. And From a Tucker Carlson Glen Greenwald Interview: Glenn Greenwald on resigning from his own publication due to censorship. An interesting Joe Rogan Glen Greenwald Interview: Joe Rogan Experience #1556 - Glenn Greenwald.
It seems like this is ending up as; "If you can't baffle them with Bull Shit and Fake News, just censor the hell out of anyone who wants to tell the truth". It's not good, and with so many people being taken in by the Powers that be, the Oligarchs and Elites are going to have a field day for at least 4 years if Biden wins this Election..
(That is if we survive the aftermath of this Election, regardless of who wins..)

October 13th, 2020
The State of America, and the World...

What's going on in America is hard to watch right now. But in so many ways I have been vindicated on what I have posted, and the warnings I have been putting out there. There is little pleasure in me saying, "I Told You So!", when I see my Country falling apart. I really never thought I would see this day, but here it is.. I told everyone that when I go to China, I see the way things are run, and when I get back home I see some of the same things being installed right here. I studied History just to try and understand and make sense of what the hell is going on, and now I see our Government starting to enact rules just like what they had in Russia in the 1960's and 70's. Back then there were just a few people in Russia who had complete control over the Government, and they had all the Wealth since they ran everything. They owned what we call Corporations, they had workers that slaved away in the factories, and in the fields to provide the food, and they got a little to survive for doing so. Everything was handed out to them by the Government so they could survive, and serve the State. So here it is, a few that run the entire Government, and own all the businesses, and we call them people what here in America? Oligarchs or Elites. THAT my friends is what Communism is all about. Now, what do we have here in the United States? We now have a few very rich people, "Oligarchs or Elites", who run all the Corporations, Banks, and run Wall Street, who have bought the Congress, the Senate, and the Justice System, and even the White House, or at least control the White House by means of our Intelligence System. They did this by means of "Citizens United", where they could donate from Corporations, or other institutions they run. They have Regulation Capture where their Lawyers write up the Rules they want, and then have the Lobbyist present them to the House and Senate, and in return they use the Revolving door to offer them a nice high paying job when they are done with screwing the general Public. We have Zero, Nada, Zilch, Nil, corruption, because we made corruption legal at the Elites request. So now in the United States we have a very few people, Oligarchs and Elites, who own all the Corporations and businesses, who run the banks and our Economic System, and also run our Justice System, and Own the Government! Now someone please explain to me, what is the difference between what Russia had back then, and now what we have now??
There are still people that think they have a choice when they vote, but they only get to vote for who the Oligarchs want. Anyone from any Party who is not of the "Corporate Party, the one with two flavors of D and R", is just Shit Out of Luck. This is just like the Russia of way back when, and exactly how China is today. China has ONE party, the Communist Party, and it has many flavors, unlike the U.S. that has only two. Back in the 60's and 70's Russia had State Sponsored News, and that is why back then it was important that other Countries had Stations that feed them the News they couldn't get at home. The Russians tried to block this, but the News still got through none the less. Right here in the U.S. it's starting to happen to us. We get only the News they want us to hear, or it's better known as Propaganda. The Elite that own everything here is working to keep the information we need, out of our hands. The problem is, Russia back then is not as powerful as we are now. We hold the Reserve Currency, and the largest Military in the world, and if any Country gets out of line, we either attack them, or sanction them into oblivion. They shut down any information that they don't want us to have by Deplatforming anyone that gets out of line, Shadow ban, and demonetize them where they can't afford to continue. This is our Country today.
Other Countries when talking about the investigations going on in America, asked the question about how it is Americans are so uninformed when it comes to all this. From The Duran out of Greece: Barr-Durham investigation drags on despite mountains of evidence pointing to coup.. When you hide the facts, people don't ask questions, or demand the Justice Department to act on the people in the Elite Class..

The reason I bring all that up right now, is things that are moving forward right here and now. Many people and Countries are being silenced, and the people here are unable to see all the sides to the stories that are unfolding in front of us. You shouldn't be a sheep, and not care about all the sides to conflicts going on around us. Iran was banned from YouTube, and so you never get to hear their side of the story. Ry Dawson talking about Iran's PressTV being banned from YouTube. (I have found that PressTV has a YouTube channel, but is hidden from the view of most people. Not sure how long it will stay up, but for now you can still watch information out of Iran)
People from the U.S., and around the world are starting to say the same things I have been saying for decades now.
Nancy Pelosi (D flavor) is working on some "New Rules", regarding the 25th Amendment, and it's right out of the 1960's Russia. Even the News Agency in Greece spell it out for you. From The Duran, Pelosi’s 25th Amendment Panel moves U.S. one step closer to Politburo Communism. (In case you're wondering, A politburo or political bureau is the executive committee for communist parties.)
There was a false flag operation in Syria, and the U.S. tried to make it look as if the Syrian Government used Chemical Weapons on it's own people. The inspectors from the OPCW went and checked it out, and found that is was just that, a false flag operation. They filed their report, and the Government of the United States had the report changed to meet their talking points, as to say it was real when it was not. So there was a meeting at the UN Security Council where people who were involved in the investigation could tell their side of the story, but the US and UK Governments tried to silence the whistle blowers. On the Jimmy Dore show, Aaron Maté talks about his testimony before the Council. CHAOS at the U.N. Security Council! US/UK Silence Whistle-Blowers! Also from The Jimmy Dore Show, here he shows just who is involved in the push for war with Syria. Leaks Expose Massive Propaganda Network!
When things get bad in a Country, as it is within the United States, bad things happen. The United States can't keep up with it's Economy the way it's going right now, that is Wall Street, (Corporate America), gets all the bailing out when the Banksters collapsed the Economy, and now because of the bad handling of a Pandemic our Economy is in shambles once again. Who gets bailed out? Of course, Wall Street. The Rich are getting richer, and the poor and middle class are hurting once again. Our Government, (that is, Corporations again), can't make sales with how they do business, and are striking out at other Corporations in other Countries to try and hold them back so corporations here can keep up. That's not the way it works, that's not how any of this works, (slight joke there, but just as funny as how the United States is "trying" to compete..). We used to do this only to small Countries, but when things get desperate, desperate Countries do desperate things, and in the end everyone is a looser. We are picking on China because they are poised to take over the #1 World Financial position, and instead of trying harder, we try to hold them back by force. That never works with large modern Countries, and only bad things can happen because of it. From George Galloway he has this to say on that subject.. China Will Retaliate | The political chaos in the US could lead to a diversionary war.
The U.S. and the U.K. have been screaming about how China used draconian measures on their people when Covid-19 hit, but they faired much better because of it, even without a vaccine they managed to halt the spread until a vaccine could be made. While the U.S. and many other Western Countries are still struggling with the Pandemic, things are getting somewhat back to normal in many Asian Countries, including China. From George Galloway, Britain Failed on Covid-19 | China used public health measures to stop it. We didn't.

Yes, I'm hard on my Country, but with good reason!

If you love something, and see it being taken apart piece by piece, and replaced with stupidity, greed, murders, bombings, Economic malfeasance, and outright in your face corruption, there is really only one thing to do, and that is tell it like it is so that others might see it too, and join in to help fix the problems. I believe the biggest problem is that through Propaganda people think it's "UnPatriotic" to question the powers that be. The things they do in our name reflects on the entire Country, and not just our Government, as people around the world think that we control our Government and not the other way around. This is not really News Today, as it's been going on for Decades now, but is coming to a peak as it gains speed and aggression all around the world.
As I was growing up it was said that we were as close to Nuclear Armageddon as you could get without it actually happening. That was in the 1960's when we had the Cuban Missile Crisis, and were just seconds away from total destruction. It again happened when Russia thought there was a missile heading in their direction, but they held off pushing the button for a total retaliatory strike, and found it was just a satellite launch by a neighboring Country. For more information about this, please visit this site that tracks what they call, "Close Calls", of Nuclear War by accident or miscalculation. The Future of Life Website. On that site there is a hard to find page dealing with the Accidental Nuclear War that could occur, and the ones in the past where we came very close. Accidental Nuclear War. Now pay attention to this.. In 1979 a U.S. Government report came out with just how many people would be killed by an all out Nuclear War. The figures indicate that around 18%–88% of Americans, and 22%–50% of Russians would be killed, but this was before they understood there would be a Nuclear Winter that was discovered in the 1980's. Today we have more Countries joining in on the Nuclear Weapons stockpiles, such as China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Israel, the U.K, and of course the U.S.. With that is the upgrading of the U.S. arsenals along with Russia and China, with more speed to make sure they can't be shot down, and will strike their targets.
In the middle of all this, the U.S. is trying to impose their will on other Nations around the world, in the Middle East, in Venezuela, and using their holding of the World Currency over the heads of all other Nations. This is not what MY Country stood for in the past, and we have either lost our way, or MY Country has been taken over from within. There is no other way around it or about it. Because of all the wars we have started in the last few decades, and all of the Financial shitfuckery we are doing to others today, the rest of the world does not trust us anymore. One small mistake in any future action could result in the end of the Human Race. If anyone survived this catastrophe, they would be stuck in a Nuclear Winter, Radiation poisoning, top soil that was highly radioactive, water that was contaminated, and a food shortage like the world had never seen in our lifetime. To survive this kind of war would not be a good choice. This is why I'm hard on my Country!

September 30th, 2020
Starting out on a Happier note..

Because of all the Big Tech Censorship, the people have started to find other ways to share ideas and information. Maybe within time the Big Tech will lose out on the popularity of the people, and will fade away like so many other Social Media sites in the past. It's clear that Google is trying to smash these sites by blocking their Apps from the App Store.

From YouTube: Posted September 29th, 2020 - Running time 27:21 Corbett Extra - Google Tries to Burn LBRY

More Insanity, More Wars..

Turkey's Erdogan has been trying to stir things up in the Middle East, and now is using the same bunch of hired terrorists to incite even more wars. Moving them from Syria and Libya to Azerbaijan to fight Armenia.

From RT News in Stepanakert, the capital of the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.
From YouTube, Running time 8:00 - Posted September 29th, 2020
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Military actions intensify in disputed region
From The Duran, talking about Erdogan's move.
From YouTube, Running time 26:44
Erdogan risks everything in conflict with Armenia (and Russia) as world condemns Azerbaijan

Wars, Sanctions, and Blowback..

Today the United States sanctions 1/4 of the worlds population. We are also in Wars all over the world, and we seem to be trying to get into even more. We antagonize Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela the most, but also threaten others when they stand up to the U.S., and refuse to do what we say. Over time this will isolate the U.S., and threaten our Reserve Currency status that could collapse our Economy. Below are links to websites and videos to show just how bad this is getting. The problem is, if you vote for either flavor of the Corporate party, that is the Republican or Democrat candidate, nothing will change in foreign policy, and things will only get worse.

From the "Mint Press News" website, dated March 27th, 2020
Dealing with 8 Countries sending a Statement to the UN's Security-General and the UN's High Commissioner on Human Rights, and the Director-General of the World Health Organization over Sanctions during a Pandemic.
American economic blockade is Illegal
From the "Dawn" website, September 20th, 2020
The U.S. has said it has the ability to "Snap back UN Sanctions" on Iran, even when it's not part of the JCPOA. The U.S. said it will punish anyone that violates the sanctions.
U.S. defies world to say Iran UN sanctions back in force
From CrossTalk on RT, they discuss the Sanctions and Wars, and what will be the outcome in the end. The Trump administration continues its sanctions mania against Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran. It is never explained how this advances the national interest. Also, no matter who is in the White House, the foreign policy blob is determined to continue to avenge its defeat in Syria. CrossTalking with Marcus Papadopoulos & Dmitry Babich.
From YouTube, Posted September 27th Running time 25:41
CrossTalk Bullhorns, Sanctions & Wars
And in the end, the U.S. is going to find the rest of the world has had enough, and will not take this for much longer. They have been sending the U.S. a message in so many ways, such as Germany ignoring the U.S. when they were told to end the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and other Countries helping Iran and Venezuela. Now it seems they are sending an even stronger message to the U.S. in war drills to let America know what they are going to be up against if they continue their foreign policies.
From "The News with Rick Sanchez" on RT. Rick asked the question, "whether the Pentagon and war lobby are at it again, searching for new “necessary enemies” now that the “War on Terror” has become inexcusable in the eyes of the public." Very interesting video, and in other ways very scary to say the least.
From YouTube, Posted September 29th Running time 25:37
Russia, China, Iran conduct military exercises amid US adventurism

July 13th, 2020
No Trust in Governments..

All around the world, Trust in Governments seems to be waning. From the way they handle the CoVid-19 Pandemic, to trying to start more wars around the planet. Economic Systems are failing for the working class in places, and the Rich are getting Richer almost everywhere. From CrossTalk Bullhorns on RT, this is a look into what's going on with this mess, and what might come out of it all..

From YouTube: Posted on July 13th, 2020 - Running time 26:21 CrossTalk Bullhorns - No Trust..

North American Union, The attack on America 2005–2007..

I guess one of my biggest problem is, I have a good memory, and I don't belong to the two party system. I'm an Independent American, and only want what is best for America, and not what's best for a Party. I can remember when they wanted to build a North American Highway, and change our money to the Amero.
When Lou Dobbs was on CNN back in 2005 - 2007, he had such things as, "The War On The Middle Class", and the "The North American Union". When the Public found out what was going on behind closed doors, they were pissed. I believe that is what ended Lou Dobbs's career at CNN. For more information About Lou Dobbs's "War On The Middle Class", please watch this hour long video on C-Span2 Book TV. Tom Fitten from Judicial Watch even filed a FOIA on this, and went on Lou Dobbs to say This in 2007. As the public was informed, the work on the North American Union ended..
The reason I posted this old News here is to remind everyone that this is an ongoing attack on America by the Global Elite.

RussiaGate News..

We had a legally elected President that tossed a wrench into the gears of some the Elite's plans, and to them it was unacceptable. So they started what can be considered nothing less than a Coup. One of the persons involved was the guy who came up with that total BS Dossier by the name of Christopher Steele. Steele was sued by the Russians named in his Dossier, and the Russians won their lawsuit in the UK Court. Trump did some Tweeting, as usual, and so here is more on that..

From The Duran on YouTube, Running Time: 15:20 Posted on July 13th, 2020
Trump to Boris Johnson, "Bring Back Steele"

In case you forgot, or just need to get up to speed on how this all came down, here are a few other videos from The Duran. I use them as they are not based in America, and they do a good job at getting to the facts in most matters. I don't always agree with some of their opinions, but that's a good thing, as it at least gives you ideas you may not have thought of yourself. Still, their facts and reporting seem to be right on the money.

From The Duran on YouTube, Running Time: 34:30 Posted May 13th, 2020
Professor Mifsud, the missing spy connected to Clinton Foundation..
From The Duran on YouTube, Running Time: 28:21 Posted May 2nd, 2020
Steele testifies in UK, admits to deep ties with Clinton Machine..
From The Duran on YouTube, Running Time: 31:28 Posted May 1st, 2020
FBI notes confirm coup against President Trump..
From The Duran on YouTube, Running Time: 42:02 Posted on April 29th, 2020
NEW Evidence: Obama White House & Deep State framed Michael Flynn..
From The Duran on YouTube, Running Time: 33:08 Posted on April 21st, 2020
Obama White House knew Steele dossier was full of lies..
From The Duran on YouTube, Running Time: 32:30 Posted on April 8th, 2020
Atkinson fired & the DEADLY Ukraine impeachment hoax..
From The Duran on YouTube, Running Time: 53:58 Posted on March 24th, 2020
Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer revealed to be DNC trap..
From The Duran on YouTube, Running Time: 32:34 Posted on March 17th, 2020
Crowdstrike walks back role in Russiagate..
From The Duran on YouTube, Running Time: 24:08 Posted on March 10th, 2020
Biden's Burisma problem will not go away..

The State of Insanity..

It's getting crazy here in America, and the sad thing is, I don't see this improving anytime soon..

From Mark Dice on YouTube, Running Time: 7:01 Posted on July 13th, 2020
This is Not a Parody - It's Real!

July 12th, 2020
Riots in Israel..

Just like in the United States, Israel padded the pockets of the corporations and the very rich, and left the public to fend for themselves. Now the people of Israel are fighting back, and they want the corrupt Government to bail them out for a change.

From RT on YouTube, Running Time is: 1:50 Posted July 12th, 2020
Mass Protest Slams Israeli Government's COVID Response
From the Guardian News on YouTube, Running Time is: 0:55 Posted July 12th, 2020
Israeli protest over economic handling..

More Censorship from Big Tech..

So many people have been deplatformed from Social Media because of their beliefs. Some of the people banned I don't agree with, and others I agree with some of what they have to say, and others I think are on the right track. I don't like to see any of them banned as this used to be America, land of the free, and that also means you have the right to think what you want, and say it loud and proud. Seems that has come to an end in America..

From the Observation Deck on YouTube. Running Time: 17:49 Posted on July 8th, 2020
CrowHouse has gone.. YouTube Deplatforming..

July 11th, 2020
Global Warming or Climate Change..

As always, people think that Global Warming, or Climate Change, whatever trips your trigger, is over, and I have even heard some say that we are in for another mini Ice Age. They have been predicting this Ice Age for some time now, but the people who do the investigation for a living see things quite differently. Most of the blogs where you read that some scientist, or NASA, said this or said that in some report, don't read it themselves, or don't understand the report. Most of them use this stuff as Click Bait to make money. Here is the truth about the reports, and how that looks today.. From YouTube we have a guy that goes after false or misinformation, and set the story right..

Running Time is: 30:32 and posted to YouTube on June 27th, 2020
Are we headed for a Grand Solar Minimum, and a Mini Ice Age?