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July 18, 2020
The Electoral College

All Statistics were found at: World Population View

There has been a movement going on for sometime now, to do away with the Electoral College. This would be a HUGE mistake, PERIOD! The entire reason we have an Electoral College is that each State Elects their Own Representatives, such as Congressmen and the Senators, but the President is Elected by the will of the people through ALL of the STATES, by means of the Electoral College. What this does is it INCLUDES every single STATE in the Union. If it wasn't for the Electoral College, States with more population would rule the Country, leaving some States with not having a say in who is Elected President. For me, this would be unthinkable, as we are divided enough already,and States who are overruled time and time again would be very angry over such problems with the Presidential Elections. Every person in EVERY State should have a say as to who rules the Country they live in, and a "Popular Vote Wins" just doesn't cut it.

It's been said that having a one person one vote count would bring out more voters, but it was proven that if the stakes are high enough, more people will vote in less populous States to move their Electoral College Votes in the direction they want. If they know their vote will not count because of so many people in the more populous States will get their candidate elected regardless, do you really think they are going to take the time to vote?.
To make my point, lets have a look at the new 2020 population statistics for these population centers.

New York City: 8,323,340
Los Angeles County: 10,079,000
San Diego County: 3,379,160
Orange County: 3,185,970
Riverside County: 2,450,760
So, in 5 population centers in the United States you have, 27,418,230 people.

Here is the deal. People say States that have more population should have a bigger influence in Government, but they already do. Each State has two Senators, but not so when it comes to the Congress. In 1941, Congress permanently adopted the "Method of Equal Proportion" to determine how many representatives each State is apportioned. This means that each State's number of representatives is determined by the State's population. To this end, the populous States are represented more than the less populous States..

In the Population example above, the cities in the two States listed are California and New York, and California has 53 Congressmen, and New York has 27. So those two States have 80 representatives combined..
So lets have a look at 17 States Population..

Maine - 1,345,790 - Representatives = 2
New Hampshire - 1,371,250 - Representatives = 2
Rhode Island - 1,056,160 - Representatives = 2
Montana - 1,086,760 - Representatives = 1
Delaware - 982,895 - Representatives = 1
South Dakota - 903,027 - Representatives = 1
North Dakota - 761,723 - Representatives = 1
Vermont - 628,061 - Representatives = 1
Wyoming - 567,025 - Representatives = 1
Alaska - 734,002 - Representatives = 1
Nebraska - 1,952,570 - Representatives = 3
Kansas - 2,910,360 - Representatives = 4
Iowa - 3,179,850 - Representatives = 4
West Virginia - 1,778,070 - Representatives = 3
Hawaii - 1,412,690 - Representatives = 2
New Mexico - 2,096,640 - Representatives = 3
Kentucky - 4,499,690 - Representatives = 6
So in 17 States, we have a total population of, 27,266,563 vs 5 population centers in 2 States of 27,418,230.
Are you starting to see the problem with this now?

The more populous States are well represented, as they have 80 members of Congress vs 38 for the 17 States listed here..

The Founding Fathers weren't crazy when they sat up the Electoral College, and it's worked as it should almost all the time. While this has been in place, it has only had to overrule the Popular Vote 5 times. States Elect our President, as the title says, "President of the United States", not "President of the People".
There is one problem, and that is the Electors inside the Electoral College. There needs to be a law that says they MUST cast their vote for who the people voted for. In the past, there were Electors that cast a vote for other than the Popular vote winner, and that is something that needs to be fixed. They are called, "Faithless Electoral's", and now a court ruling says States can punish them for not abiding by the voters choice.
48 out of the 50 States give all their Electoral votes to the winner of the State, and the other two, Nebraska and Maine, use the Congressional District Method, where they allocate their electoral votes by congressional district.

The biggest problem with the One Person One Vote is that the United States is not the same coast to coast. The Population Centers are Metro, and Some States are Rural areas for Farmland and Ranching, and other States are Manufacturing. Their needs are not the same, and if you give all the power to the Metro areas, the rest will suffer.
I have heard many excuses as to why we need to dump the Electoral College, but replacing it with what is being promoted now will only divide the Country even more. It's been suggested that the Electors of the State would have to give all their votes to whoever won the Popular Vote, and again, that takes away the votes of States that didn't vote for that person. As you can see by my example above, 17 States can have their voices muted by not only 2 States, but by only 5 of the Population Centers. That can't be considered fair by any terms.

The Founding Fathers considered a few ways to Elect a President, but none would really work best for the United States, and the best way of doing what needs to be done, and fairly, was the Electoral College.