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TV Today!

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Back when I was a child, TV was for entertainment, and they did a good job of it with 55 minutes of just that, and 5 minutes of advertisements. Each advertisement was 30 seconds, and they may play 2 advertisements and then back to the entertainment. Over time the Entertainment dropped in time, and advertisements gained in time. Now it's close to 50 50 in time between the entertainment and advertisements. They spend so much time trying to sell you stuff you don't need, don't want, and wouldn't use if you had it, they spend extra time showing you what happened in the segment of entertainment that came before the last advertisements as to cut down on what little entertainment there is. Judge Judy is a prime example as to how low the entertainment system has become. At the end of the segment they show you what is to come in the next segment to keep you there through the advertisements, and then they come back from the advertisements and show you just what they showed you at the end of the last segment only to then break for another advertisement session. I now call that show the Judge Judy advertisements show.
News Weather and Sports used to be something you wanted to see, but now the News is mostly propaganda, and the weather gives you some idea as what is to come, but not always that accurate, and then sports hasn't changed all that much as it is what it is. We get 30 minutes of National News in the evening, and it's really about 15 minutes in time, with at least 5 minutes of Feel Good Stories at the end, meaning you get 10 minutes of so called News that is mostly them telling you what to think.
The advertisements are mostly for Big Pharma crap, telling you to ask your doctor if that drug that has all them side effects is right for you. I don't ask my doctor shit, as that is what he/she gets paid to do, as in figure out what I have if I'm sick, and provide me a safe effective drug if I need one. Of course what follows is a Lawyer telling you to contact them if you were harmed by the side effects of the drug in the Big Pharma advertisements that came before.. What a system!!
Cable TV is a waste of time and money, as you can spend far more for that crap than what you get out of it. Mostly you pay for people trying to sell you crap you don't want, don't need, and wouldn't use if you had it, and we haven't had cable for decades now, and we haven't missed a thing.

It's a sad time in the United States when we have turned into such a "Material Country", where money is everything, and life is only there to buy crap that really doesn't mean a thing in our life. When you can't afford the things you need to survive, and they still try and sell you crap to, "Keep Up With the Neighbors", making you feel like you're not worth anything unless you spend until your so deep in debt there is no way out. In the past they used to sing about this, and one singer was Tennessee Ernie Ford, who sang, 16 Tons. They use TV now days to make you feel that you need what they are selling, and if you don't buy, you're less of a person. To be someone special is the theme they try and sell you, and with their products you will accomplish that goal. The problem is, even after you buy their products you find you still need more to gain that goal. Then the truth comes out that no matter what they sell you, it's never enough, and all that you have become is a slave to their system.
When your income is less than it takes to buy their products, they have an advertisement to get "Low" interest rates on Credit Cards, that is until you get the cards, only to find out they boost the interest rates to insane percentages that you can only afford to pay the minimum, and that keeps you in debt to them forever. It's a nasty game they are playing, at your expense.

Today TV is used to Manufacture Consent, to take away your freedoms, and keep you a slave to their system for your entire life. Once enslaved, it's hard or almost impossible to get out of the slavery you were placed in. Just the like the Nuclear War game, the only winning move is not to play. So they have taken a system that was said to be for entertainment, and turned it into a weapon used against a once free Nation. To make you feel there is nothing you can do, you're helpless with no hope other than to be that slave to their System, to serve the Elite, and make them filthy rich while you struggle to survive. That's their game they want you to play, and I refuse to play.
Well that's it... This is what TV has become today... We watch very little TV, and when we do watch, we watch educational things from sites that offer a cheap monthly cost, such as, "Great Courses", "Netflix", and of course from Amazon Prime the not so free, but a yearly cost to be a member just like Sam's Club and Costco, and we get a few really good video's to watch. On YouTube they changed a bit, and now make you watch a few advertisements on some channels, but for the most part after 4 seconds you can skip the boring ads, and watch what you wanted in the first place. So we get by without the lame stream media and Cable TV, and we are doing just fine without them. The best part is when they shove an advertisement up our behind that's dumb or just downright stupid, I make a note and not buy from them.. So they don't gain, they lose when it comes to us. It's our way of protesting really stupid advertisements!