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False Flag Operations in the Modern Day

Many things have happened in my life, that have made me sit up and say, WTF is going on!?? out loud. The day John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, the day that Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968, and then again when Robert Kennedy was assassinated also in 1968. Each shook me to my soul, as if it was an unsaid rule, that kind of thing can't happen here in America. Within 5 years America lost 3 great men to assassinations. Fingers were pointed, and theories were produced, and in the end, I think they got it wrong each and every time. To this very day in 2020, there is still a debate going on as to who really was involved in these crimes. With what's going on today, I have a pretty good idea..
*Global Research - 53 Admitted False Flag Attacks

The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing

The sad news is, people are rewriting history these days, and most of the things that don't follow the official story is being wiped from the internet. Out of sight, out of mind is their moto I guess, and things that were on the radio shows, and even on TV have disappeared from public eyes and ears.
Things were hectic in the 1970's and 1980's, but few major attacks on the American's living here. Then on February 26, 1993 a bomb went off in the World Trade Center, and took out 5 floors of the parking garage. It was said they wanted to take out enough of the support, and topple it into the other Tower. This WAS an FBI Sting Operation, and it was supposed to be FAKE Explosives being used, provided by the FBI. The FBI Informant was getting nervous when he found out that real explosives were being used, so recorded his conversations with the FBI handlers just in case they were setting him up. (and they were) The tapes were played on CNN live, and transcripts of the recordings were also in the New York Times. As I searched the net, the actual recording is missing, but people are still talking about it. Here are a few sites that have transcripts of the recordings and information about what took place. As noted, the 1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center could NOT have taken place without the help of the FBI. Can we say False Flag Operation boys and girls?
*12160.info - Who Bombed the World Trade Center in 1993
*Unexplained Mysteries - FBI Caught on Tape Bombing WTC
*The Stark Raving Viking - Transcript of FBI Agents Confessions: FBI Bombed the WTC in 1993

The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing

On April 19, 1995 we had the Oklahoma City Bombing, and that could have been another False Flag Operation. Things went on that day that just don't make sense. Things leading up to that event are very strange, and things that happened after that day lead to even more questions. Most people don't even know what took place after the bombing, as it was kept very quiet in the News. Many people tried to investigate the bombing, but was stifled at every turn. People were killed, including a police officer by the name of Terrence Yeakey, and a person who was in jail, being held for other reasons was beaten so bad he died. Again, the FBI had their hands all over this, and refuse to release the surveillance tapes, falsified reports, and ignored evidence. The bomb used was said to be an Ammonium Nitrate bomb, but experts say it couldn't have been due to the lack of Ammonia smell right after the explosion. There was said to be at least two more bombs inside the building, and people had to stop searching for survivors while the bombs were removed. It was on the Live News, and talked about a lot over the airwaves, but then later was said to be a false alarm as they were "fake" bombs from the drill that was happening at that time, even when people were seen removing them from the building. That's not all that was removed from the building, as when the searching for survivors was halted for the extra bombs that was said to be found, boxes of papers were being loaded into trucks, and the assumption is, they were the papers from White Water Investigation of the now sitting President Bill Clinton. Experts have said that most of the explosive force would have bounced off the building, and couldn't have done the amount of damage that had happened, and there must have been explosive charges placed in the building. This is why there were so many people wanting to do a REAL Investigation. There were other problems with Timothy McVeigh, as when family members said he went to work for some elite division of the Military. Seems kind of odd that he would just blow up a building while being a member of something like that.
One thing odd about this day, as people saw Bomb Squad trucks around the building before the bombing, and the ATF people were not in their offices due to a "Bomb Drill" going on at that time. Remember the drill that was going on, it's important.
There was a great documentary done on the OKC Bombing, and goes over a lot of the stuff I mentioned here. It's called, "A Noble Lie", and I highly recommend watching this video, and you can watch it online for free.. I also highly recommend watching from The Corbett Report, The Secret Life of Life of Timothy McVeigh. This one sure digs into who he was, and things that have come up about him.
*Free Mind Films - A Noble Lie
*The Corbett Report - The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh
*Rense.com - Dead Police Officer and OKC Bombing Coverup
*The Daily Coin - A U.S. Government Lie Exposed: The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing

The 2001 World Trade Center Attack

On September 11, 2001 hijacked planes hit the World Trade Center Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and another hijacked plane was said to have crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania. For me I got up early that morning, fired up the computer, and started a chat with some friends in Australia and Texas. They asked me what I thought about what was going on in NYC. I don't normally turn on the TV that early as nothing is on worth watching. They said I needed to have a look, so I did. The first Tower was smoking, and the announcer was talking about a plane hitting the North Tower. Seemed kind of strange that on a clear day, the pilot didn't see the building right there in front of him. My wife asked what I thought was going to happen, and I said the fire will burn out, and then they will figure out a way to repair the building. Then the second plane hit the South Tower, and then I knew this wasn't an accident. As time went on, and the fires grew smaller, I figured they were out of the woods so to speak. Out of nowhere the North Tower fell at almost free fall speed all the way to the ground. The first thing out of my mouth was, "That's Impossible!". I have watched many buildings who underwent Controlled Demolition, as anytime they aired on TV a building that was taken down by explosives, I would tune in as I was amazed how they could do that. Then the second building did the same thing, fell all the way to the ground at almost freefall speed. Two in just a few hours didn't make any sense to me at all. Later than day, Building 7 did the same thing, and it was never hit by a plane at all. They said it was fire that brought down that building, but never in the history of steel frame buildings has fire ever brought down a building like that, and it fell into its own footprint, something only Controlled Demolition does. Then on the TV I hear the announcers say, "It's just like what you see in a Controlled Demolition", not just one announcer, but announcers on different stations saying the same thing. So they agreed with my first assumption, and this was something totally different that what we saw.
I think that most people understood that what we saw that day just wasn't possible, but there was tons of misinformation, and crazy theories about particle weapons that disintegrated the Towers, and so on, that took away from the real information that was coming out. So lets have a look at the Real Information..
First off, this was a crime scene, and it wasn't preserved as such. The evidence was hauled from the attack sites, and moved to another location. Remember, this is all evidence, and should have been preserved. From there the steel was loaded on ships, and sold to China where it was melted down, and so all the evidence was lost. This all happened just weeks after the attack, and it was against all laws governing crime scenes. Secondly, no Investigation was even started until November 27th, 2002 over 400 days after the attack. You would think that something as important as an attack on the United States would call for an immediate investigation, but instead there was a resistance to any investigation, as it seems the bad guys had already been picked before hand. The investigation was a sham, and even the members of the investigating board said that the investigation was underfunded, and doomed to fail. Some members had conflicts of interest, and unreliable evidence was used, and had a limited scope. To me, this doesn't sound like a REAL investigation.
Later on NIST, National Institute for Science and Technologies, came out with a half assed model of how building 7 was destroyed by fire, but it failed to include how the building collapsed at close to freefall speed, just like the Twin Towers. Then it caught the attention of an Architect by the name of Richard Gage, who didn't understand how fire could collapse a building at close to freefall speed, as that is something Architects try to avoid when designing a building. So he put in a FOIA, the Freedom of Information Act, as to how NIST came to that conclusion. The response he got was telling to say the least. It said giving him this information could pose a National Security Problem. This didn't make sense to him, and it doesn't to me either. Giving information about a fire problem in modern day design could save lives, if that was really the problem. To this day they still refuse to give out that information. So Richard Gage got together with a few other Architects and Engineers, and started, *A&E for 9/11 Truth.
After all the other real investigations by NonGovernmental groups started, it was found that 7 of the so called Hijackers were still alive. One even had contacted the American authorities and said, that it wasn't him, and that he was still alive. To date, the list of hijackers has never been updated.
As Scientist around the world stated to examine the evidence, they all came to the conclusion that Jet Fuel, even under the best of conditions, would not heat the steel in the buildings to a point of melting, but yet molten steel was found all over the place, in both Twin Towers and in Building number 7, and it remained that way for weeks after the attack. The only thing that could accomplish this is a chemical used in the demolition of buildings called, thermite. Thermite was indeed found in the rubble of the building, and in the dust found around the WTC area. After examining the particles of thermite, it was found to be a special kind of thermite called Nano Thermite, and is used by the military and not your every day company that takes down buildings for a living.
You also should remember that there were letters sent that contained Anthrax that killed people, and that to was military grade stuff. As you can see, there are real problems and inconsistencies going on around this so called attack. Questions that still need to be answered, and the people who were involved in the attack, and the people involved in the coverup need to answer for their crimes.
The problem is, I could go on and on about the problems that have come up with what happened, the piss poor investigation that was done, and how the evidence was destroyed, but all this has been written before. One thing I would like to point out is the Drills. Remember, I said to remember the drills going on at the OKC bombings.. Well on 9/11 there were Military Drills going on, or as they call them, "War Games". On 9/11 there was not one, but several war games going on at the same time that made it impossible for our Airforce to stop the attack, or even get our jets in the air. The list of War Games are: "Operation Northern Vigilance", "The Vigilant Warrior", and "Vigilant Guardian". To make matters worse, there were drills going on that took people out of the picture so to speak, and it was called: "Timely Alert II Terrorism Drill", and that was in Fort Monmouth Army base in New Jersey. This drill was to be held on September 11th and 12th, and was to involve law enforcement and emergency responders including the New Jersey State Police and Fort Monmouth Fire Department. Just before the exercise was to begin, reports of the attack in New York City surfaced and "real world events overtook the exercise," in the words of Army spokesman Timothy L. Rider.
The frosting on the cake was when the NRO, (National Reconnaissance Office), headquartered in Chantilly, VA., who operate a system of reconnaissance satellites that keep an eye on our skies had a "Plane Crash Drill". They were all evacuated from their building.. It seems the use of Drills and War Games play a big part in these attacks so that if someone not in the loop catches it, they have an excuse as pointing to, "It's just a drill".
For documentaries dealing with the 9/11 attacks, check out the links below.
*A&E for 9/11 Truth - 9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out
*Dylan Avery's - Loose Change the Final Cut
*Ratical.org (WebSite) - Amalgam Virgo Exercise: The Secret Terror Exercises
While I don't like to back up anything I say with Wikipedia, they do have a bit of information on this subject that is informative.
*Wikipedia (Website) - Criticism of the 9/11 Commission

The 2005 London Bombing Attack

On July 7th 2005, 4 bombers set off bombs in the subway, and on a bus killing 52 people, and injuring over 700 more. The strange thing was, they were conducting terrorist drills at that time, and they had to switch from drill to live while the drills were being enacted. While 2 of the 4 bombers left a video tape as to why they were doing this, it still seems very strange that they picked the same day and time the drills were taking place.
More coincidences in the 7/7 bombing is that both Benjamin Netanyahu and former Mayor of New York City Rudi Giuliani were there for the drill.. Imagine That.. With that in mind, there was word that there was advanced knowledge the bombing was going to take place, and people were warned to not attend meetings in the affected areas.
*The 7/7 2005 London Bombing Attack compilation of reports
*Peter Power admitted There were Terror Drills in London
*Global Research (WebSite) - 7/7 2005 London Bombings
*Truther (WebSite) - 7/7 London Bombings: Possible False Flag Operation


I have always asked the question, "How many Coincidences does it take before it's no longer a Coincidence?". How many times does it take when drills turn into the real thing does it take before we know the drills were cover for the real thing? You do understand that if the people who are said to be attacking us know when the drills are to happen, then they are getting inside information from someone in our government. So many questions go unanswered by the people who are supposed to be giving us the truth. I feel we have a big problem in the United States, and it stems from the blatant corruption that is running rampant in the Government of our Country.
People ask what was to gain by these False Flag Attacks, and that is simple. In the 1960's assassinations of the Kennedys and MLK, they all stood in the way of the Elite. JFK wanted out of Vietnam, and wanted to start printing money without debt attached. So he not only pissed off the Military Industrial Complex, but the Banks and Banksters as well. He refused to invade Cuba, and left the people behind the "Bay of Pigs" hanging out to dry. Robert Kennedy would have followed in this brothers footsteps. MLK was coming out against the Vietnam War, and wanted equal rights for the black people of this Country. So all of that is easy to figure out. Later on the Elites knew it was going to be hard to real in our freedoms in America, so slowly they created problems that would make the people of this Country cry for them to do something, and they would have the solution. (Problem, Reaction, Solution, or The Hegelian Dialectic) In other words they would give us more safety by taking away our freedoms. The 93 WTC bombings didn't accomplish what they set out to do, since they didn't kill enough Americans to get the people to cry out. The 95 OKC Bombing did, and Clinton signed it into law on April 24th,1996: *S. 735 (104th): Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996. That wasn't enough for the Elite, and they needed more carnage to get even stricter laws on the books, and more Surveillance, and less paperwork when it came to jailing American without due process. The 2001 WTC brought about the Un-Patriotic Patriot Act that was just what they were looking for. Today that Act has been renewed over and over again, and now that it's on the books, it's almost impossible to get rid of.
I will leave you with one last video. It's the last interview with Aaron Russo telling what he knows about 9/11 and what he says is the Elite's plan for the future. Is it true? I can't say, but I have no reason to disbelieve him as he knew he didn't have much time left, as he was dying of cancer. When you look at the chips they want to implant in people, and go to a cashless society, I would say Aaron was telling the truth. *Aaron Russo's Last Interview