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HexAppeal started out in the early 1990's as a BBS. (Bulletin Board System) It was Networked to one other system, Cyber Space Outpost, at that time to share data. Later on I moved to a new location, and linked to another BBS named Total Kaos. The three systems stayed networked and up for sometime, but the Internet grew to the point that BBS's just didn't cut it anymore. So the BBS's were shut down, and I wanted to learn a bit about writing HTML files. I had been writing programs for the computer since the early 1990's in Visual Basic, and things were moving along in my coding for both. Over time things changed again, and I sort of lost interest in trying to keep up with broken links, and of course things changed in writing code for the computers too. HTML started to have versions, and now it's up to version 5, and it incorporated a CSS, (Cascading StyleSheet), file for the way the Web Page looked. When a friend needed a Web Page for her business, I dug up some books, and started to read up on the new way of doing things, and got interested again. Of course there are so many ways to access the Web now days, and to make a Website look good on everything is such a big challenge compared to the early days when all you had to worry about was the type of browser being used on a computer. Now we have Laptops, tablets, and cell phones, all used to access the Internet, and so the things on a Webpage need to be read on so many different sized screens. Doing up this site was a way for me to learn new things, and how it's all done. I also learned about Computer Programming using Net Framework, and rewrote all my old programs into the newer code. It's all about the learning with me, and I find it a lot of fun.
I never receive money for my programs, or our website, as I just do it for fun and learning. I use a lot of different programs for the coding and graphics. Right now I'm using Visual Studio Code for the HTML and CSS, and Visual Studio 2015 for the computer programs. Because Adobe now requires people to pay as you go, I'm using an older version of Photoshop CS6 for some of the graphics, and also Corel Paintshop Pro 2020 and a few other Corel software programs. From time to time I use software from Coffee Cup , and others as I find the need for them to design the things for the site.

I started into the electronics field back in the late 1980's when I went to Central Community College for Electronics. I had to use the computers there, and found them fascinating. In the early 1990's I started my own business named, "Mr. C's Computer Equipment", and was a VAR, (Value Added Reseller), for Zeos International Computers, based in Minneapolis, MN., and I also sold Turbo Grafx Game systems, since there were none in my area. I did computer repair, and also set up networks for businesses in my area. So when it came to learning something new, I was all for it, and that's how I got into doing a lot of the things I now enjoy.
After a few unsuccessful relationships in my life; in 1997 I met the woman just perfect for me. She was a visiting scholar at the Queensland University in Australia, and was there for just a year. We both found we had many things in common, and both our families thought we would never find anyone that would put up with us, that was until we found each other. We got married in 1998, and had our honeymoon in Australia for about a month. Now we have been together for 25 years, and I can't imagine being apart. We just had a world Plandemic, and we stayed at home with no problems at all for over a year now. In our 25 years together we visited the East Coast of the U.S., mainly around the Washington DC area, and the West Coast in Washington State, and of course a few States a little closer to home, as in Nevada and Colorado. We also travel China, and hit a lot of large Metro areas there, such as Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Leshan, Xi'an, Harbin, and many many more..
We both enjoy learning and traveling, and that's what makes life worth living for us..
I hope you enjoy the site, and maybe you too will find things you didn't know, and investigate some of the information for yourself..