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Hex as in Hexadecimal = Number System in base 16, used in mathematics and computing.
Appeal = The power of attracting or of arousing interest.

Some Part(s) of this site were updated on May 17th, 2022.

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Updated some Links on "Our Links" page, due to Government Censoring - 03/19/2022
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Added links to my Hashtags above; (#) so you can see the why I placed ↑ them there..
Added to the list of Replacements for Facebook and Twitter in the Alt Media List to help people with the "Censorship Problem" we seem to be having now Daze.

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I haven't been updating the site much due to moving to a new Hosting Service. I started with the old service in 2004, and the cost kept going up, but they had old servers that were starting to have a problem or two. So as of 3/13/2022 Our site is now up and running on the new A2 Hosting Servers. I'm just getting used to the new updated way of doing things, but I think I'm going to like it here..
I've been trying to add a few more links regarding the Covid-19 problem, and to get you the Truth about this mess with Doctors that know what the hell they are talking about.
If you have Spotify, or can download pod casts, Please check out these shows, as you will find them very informative. Joe Rogan is free to listen to, and to download.
The Joe Rogan Podcast, December 13th 2021, with Dr. Peter A McCullough.
The Joe Rogan Podcast, December 31st 2021, with Dr. Robert Malone.
Places to find the Joe Rogan Podcasts:
Spotify [You need to sign up]: The Joe Rogan Snow on Spotify
Podtail: The Joe Rogan Show on Podtail
JRE Library: The Joe Rogan Experience Library
There are other places to listen to these Podcasts, but these links will get you started...

While I'm working on the rest of the site, feel free to look at what's here so far!