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The first thing to know is how to protect yourself! While "Free" Antivirus is better than none, you still should have really good Antivirus software from a reputable vender installed on anything you use to access the Internet.
I have always liked Symantec over McAfee, but each to their own. You can check out this site, and see some of the top rated Antivirus software programs. Top Rated Antivirus programs
Not all AV programs catches all Malware. Malware is a bit different than a virus. Malware can come in different ways, and can slip right by your AV program. There is something called a PUP, (Potentially Unwanted Program), and are installed with free stuff you get from the net. When you install that free program, they are paid to bundle other stuff with it. So when you hit their install button, your AV software doesn't catch it because YOU gave the green light to install it. So I also run another program along with my Internet Security software called, Malwarebytes.

Now for the most important advice of all. NEVER click on a link that came in on an email from people you don't know, and at times even from people you do know. Some email accounts are hacked, and they use that tactic to get you to click on a link. Clicking on a link can encrypt your entire hard drive, and they will not unlock your drive until you pay a Ransom.
More about that here: Ransom Attack! Even the Police have fallen victim to this crime. Tewksbury Police.
So please make sure your friend really sent you the email before you click on link in an email.
Other scam's say they will send you lots of money, but you need to pay for the transfer. Well, if you pay, that's the last you will see of your money.

Then there are the phone scam's. Lots and lots of calls, and they offer you all kinds of great deals, free cruise, lower your credit card interest rates, and so on. They aren't great, just hang up, and NEVER give your credit card information to someone that called you.
Then we have the boyz from India. They call and tell you that your computer is sending out error messages, and have you open up the Windows Event Viewer. The Event Viewer is full of scary looking Warning and Error icons. What the Event View is really for is to debug Windows problems, and only is there from a Windows Log. Then they try and get you to visit a web site that provides "Remote Desktop" access. From there they take over your PC, and lock it up until you pay for their services that you didn't need in the first place. So, NEVER let anyone that calls take over your computer with a Remote Connection!
If I have the recorder handy, I record some of the calls I get from the India Boyz. This one was kind of funny since I was short on time, and dropped the bomb early that I knew what was going on.

More to come later!