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It's Time To Fight Back Against Censorship!

Everyone knows that Censorship by our Government is illegal, but Big Tech is not bound by the same rules. When the Big Tech Corporations have bought our Government, and will use their Freedoms to Censor on the American People for the Government, it's a totally different story. As I have been going over what sites are now going up, I figured it was time to start making a list of the sites and make a place for people to find them easily. I'm still looking and learning which sites are the best, but so far they are just getting started, and starting to catch on. So here is the list I have so far, and please check them out, as Censorship is really started to rear its ugly head.

I never considered myself a Twit, so I never had a Twitter Account...

In the YouTube Replacements area, Bitchute and Odysee are nicely established, while lbry TV is a bit slow for now since it's an an open-source, decentralized protocol. Red Pill Videos are just getting started. ISE Media is also just getting started, but does have Media that has been Censored on most of the Corporate Platforms. Check them out for sure.
On the Replacements for Facebook and Twitter, there is Blankchat that allows you to like, follow and save interesting posts to either send or use on the net. They also have phone apps just like Facebook and Twitter I seen in the Google app store.
Parler is also a free speech Social Media site, with a cell phone app too. Seems to be well done, and will give Twitter and Facebook a run for their money.

Replacements for YouTube!

Replacements for Facebook and Twitter!

YouTube Replacements ToS and Privacy

Rokfin - Terms Of Use - Privacy Policy
Bitchute - Terms and ServicesPrivacy PolicyCommunity Guidelines
ISE Media - Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy
LBRY TV - Privacy Policy for Lbry TV and Odysee Same bunch run both..
Odysee - Terms of Service for Odysee and Lbry TV Same bunch run both..
Red Pill Videos - None so far, they haven't posted anything yet dealing with Terms of Service or Privacy.
Rumble - Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy

Facebook & Twitter Replacements ToS and Privacy

Parler - ToS & Privacy documents are in Acrobat pdf format. Make sure you have Acrobat software before clicking on the links.
User Agreement on PDFPrivacy Policy on PDFCommunity Guidelines on PDF
MeWe Social Media - Terms and Privacy Bill Of Rights. Terms and Agreements and Privacy Bill Of Rights
Telegram - The only thing I found was the FAQ. Telegram FAQ
Gab Social Media - Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy — Gab also has a Gab Pro that you pay for.
Panquake Social Media - Please note that Panquake is not a free platform, but then again neither are the other so called "Free" Social Media sites. They harvest your information to pay for their operation, and that to some is unacceptable. I believe when they get up and running the cost will be $5 per month, and if you join early you will get the use of their site early during ßeta testing.. Please think about joining..
Minds Social Media - Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy — Also offers a Premium pay Service.
Blankchat - None so far, they haven't posted anything yet dealing with Terms of Service or Privacy..
Flote - The RulesPrivacy
Hive Blog - None so far as I can see.