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There are just some things we see, and don't quite understand why it is the way it is. If the number 137 was any different, we would not be here, our Universe would either not be here, or be something other than a place for our kind of life.
The number 137 is also in the Jewish Kabbalah, and is the the Torah too . The Magic of 137 in the Kabbalah
So this page about 137 is not about the mystery around the number, but the mystery about things we see, but don't understand. Why things happen, and how it is people can see, and know there is more to it than what we saw, but yet refuse to believe what really must be going on. The amazing thing is, even when you have the facts, and can show things didn't happen as they were said to have happened, people will say it's a "Conspiracy Theory", even when the Theory is replaced with Facts. How the term "Conspiracy Theory" was ever dreamed up to try and debunk something is beyond me. We know what Conspiracy is, and Theory means: A plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena. Or: An idea or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances — often used in the phrase in theory. Yes, they want to use it in the way of: An unproved assumption: Conjecture. One only needs to tell them when assumptions are replaced with Facts, then it's more likely than not for it to have been a real conspiracy.

So here is where I will link to things that don't make sense, and things to ponder, and things that make you think, "What the Fuck!". More pages will be added as I have the time, and when I do find things done by others, the links will be here as well. The first links here so far, are the links above to the number "137", and how strange that number is.

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