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Was the 2020 Election Rigged?

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It shouldn't matter if you're a Republican or Democrat, as long as you're an American; this should disturb you. In the past I wondered if the Elections were secure and fair, but nothing really stood out. So I accepted the outcome figuring that if there was wide spread fraud or Election rigging, people by the score would come out to say just that. This Election they have, and I must say from what I have seen so far, there was massive Voter Fraud.
I would like to see more control over the way elections are done in the United States, and while I understand it's governed by each State, there should be some kind of Federal oversite into any election of Federal Nature, such as President, Congress or the Senate. The way this 2020 election was held was Unconscionable. It was like Mayhem on Steroids, with alleged water pipe breaks, and backdoor ballot deliveries in the early mornings, to Voting machines that should have never been used. Before the election there was voter purges, and gerrymandering that should also be checked into. I do understand the voter purge of voters that have passed away, or have moved to another district or State, but to just use a name, and purge anyone with that name is out right criminal. Back in the early 1990's you could get the entire phone book for the United States on Computer CD, and I had a copy. I ran my name in the phone book search, and found over 24 thousand people that had a phone with my name in California alone. To purge each and everyone of them because they have the same name should be a crime. That is nothing more than voter suppression, and shouldn't happen. Same goes for the age old practice of gerrymandering, and a better way of diving up districts should be found and implemented. With all that said, maybe this will be the election were the people demand a better way of running an election.

The question is, is there enough evidence to point to a Rigged Election, and the answer is; it's sure is starting to look like it.
As people went to bed on Election Night, Trump looked as if he was going to pull off a second term, and not just a small victory, but a landslide victory. By the time people woke up the next day, Biden not only caught up, but passed Trump in many different cities around the Country. That was almost a impossibility, but it was happening. I questioned how in the hell 80% of the vote could be counted in 24 hours, but the last 20% took weeks. They kept finding more ballots to count, and Biden's totals kept going up and up, while Trump's tally almost stayed the same. I could understand a little of that, as most mail in ballots would be Democrat voters, but even the Democrats didn't like the Biden Harris ticket all that much, and I know a lot of Democrats that refused to vote for Biden. They either voted for a 3rd party; did a write in vote, or voted for Trump. So how could the biggest percentage of the vote be for Biden.
Now the thing that matters to me the most, is that the Election was run as secure as the Elections in the past. You know, the ones that was hard to find mass voter fraud, but it wasn't. There has always been complaints of Fraud, but when people looked at it, there wasn't anything that stood out, but even at that, the States should have looked very hard at the allegations, and seen if there was something they could do to make their Elections more secure.
People pointed out the fact that the Voting Machines had flaws that needed to be looked at. Three Democrats, Senators Elizabeth Warren (D), Amy Klobuchar (D) & Ron Wyden (D) issue a formal complaint in 2019 to Dominion Voting Systems, but nothing was done about it. Seems kind of funny to me that when the Democrats had a problem with it, no one listened, and after an Election where the security of the Election was questioned, then everything was just fine. I guess it depends on whos favor the outcome came down on. Speaking on that, it seems to me that the people running things have never grown up. The Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention looks more like a High School Pep Rally than a Rally to Elect the President. Maybe it's just me, but I get tired of the it's us against them when it comes to Electing a Government, and it's not even important anymore. The reason it's not important is because we have ONE Corporate with two flavors, the D flavor,a the R flavor. Both love War, and Both love Corporations. Maybe it's because of Citizens United; where Corporations can buy the Representative of their choice. The people get Healthcare tie to their Employment, and if they lose their job; at no fault of their own; go without the Healthcare they need in times like that. They allow Big Pharma to raise prices without regards to people's health needs right here at home, and it's all about the profits for them, and getting worse all the time. Both parties allowed Banks and Wall Street to totally destroy the economy not only of the United States, but other Countries around the world. After allowing that, they turned around and bailed out the Banks and Wall Street to the tune of Billion$ of Dollars, at the tax payers expense. After the Banks were made whole with all the bailouts, they allowed the Banks to Foreclose on at least 5.1 million homes; because of the economic collapse put people out of work, again at no fault of their own, and they couldn't make the payments on their mortgage. Why didn't our Government give the bailout money to the people to pay their mortgage and rent, and that would have made the Banks whole without the pain of the American People?
Now what about Trump.. Although I didn't like Trump, the person; I voted for him twice. He is an outsider, with plans to end the endless wars, and start to rebuild America's failing infrastructure. But even before he took office, the one Corporate Party joined forces of the two flavors, and started to try and remove him from office. They came up with such absurd such as Russiagate and Ukrainegate, and then an Impeachment for a phone call, and so on and so forth.. Nutty stuff that was fond to be nothing more than a great big hoax when the final report came out. They didn't want the gravy train to end, with endless wars for profit, and their good O' boys club that Trump wasn't in. When both parties went after him, one could figure something nasty was going on behind the scenes, and the people would end up as losers, again...

Right now we are in the aftermath of this election, and things are heated on both sides. Anyway it goes it's going to get even more ugly than ever before. Four States are being sued by 19 other States, and people on both sides are pissed off over all that is going on right now. One side feels cheated because the four States didn't follow their own State Laws regarding Elections, and caused this mess, and the four States feel they had the right to violate the Laws of their State due to the nasty Virus that has had a hold on us for a year now. But that's not all the four State felt, they felt they had the right to help the Election along a bit, and that is where even more problems arise. In Detroit Michigan there is a Leaked Audio and Video of how they were going to handle the ballot counting. In Georgia at the State Farm Arena there was a problem with an alleged water leak, so they told everyone the counting was done for the day, and sent everyone home at 10:30pm, except a few people stayed on, and found more ballots under a table, and kept counting until 1am. For me this is corruption dealing with our Elections, and that makes us no better than the Countries we claim have rigged Elections, and actively disclaim the legitimacy of such Government, and now it's right here at home. I guess I'm not surprised by this as the Oligarchs have run things for a very long time in the U.S. and other places in the Western World, and they feel they can pick and chose who they want to rule over us. When the people don't cooperate with their wishes and Elect someone that isn't part of their plan, they can't let it go, as it messes up their plans for World domination. Seems to be the only reason I can come up with at this time for why people in both parties want Trump out, and will do just about anything to do just that, including rigging and Election.
I guess this is why I placed this in the 137 part of our site. It sure makes one sit up and say out loud, "What The Fuck is Going on Here?"

Twitter Feed People are pointing out all the different problems that add up to a failed Election, but for some reason the parts of Government that could do something about it will not. The FBI doesn't seem to care, and the DOJ, (Department of Justice), and the DHS, (Department of Homeland Security), are sitting on their asses doing nothing to check into all the problems that happened during the Election. 19 States joined together and sued the 4 States that violated their own laws, only to have SCOTUS, (Supreme Court of The United States), say they had no Standing in their court. There are people on both sides of this court ruling, or should I say lack of a ruling, that it's becoming even more crazy as time rolls on. Of course it's not even close to being over, even if Christmas is only daze away. Tons of claims are being made from a shipment of filled out ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, and Corporate News say no it didn't happen, and the Democrats say No it didn't happen, and the rest of the Country said with all the stuff they have found so far, it's very possible.
So many people have come forward to tell the people what they know, and signed the affidavit to that fact under penalty of fine and or jail time for lying, and still people act as if it's okay to cheat on an Election just because they didn't like the guy who was Elected in 2016.

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It was also sad for me when I found out a personality who was once a Navy Seal, a Mayor and also a Governor, who said he stood for the Constitution; came out and said that Texas should keep its nose out of Pennsylvania's Election. To me that says that it's okay to pack the ballot box, because even fake votes count in a Federal Election. Not good for my Country.
As of now, the 28th day of December, things are still in limbo as if they are going to look into the corruption that took place leading up to, and including the Election of 2020. If this is allowed and ignored, then the future of my Country is doomed to the New Communism that is our Government.