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I hate trying to keep up with links, as they have a tendency to change over time. With the attack on free speech going on in America right now, I decided to at least put up links that will give you a different, wider collection of facts, that we no longer get in our State Sponsored Corporate News System.
We all like to think we are looking for the Truth, but Truth is Subjective, and depends on your perceptions, beliefs and emotions, and the best we can ever hope for, is that we get the real facts to base our Truths on..

And Remember: Nullius in Verba... (Latin for: "On the word of no one" or "Take nobody's word for it")

This is just a menu to the links we found of interest.

From the National News to the Global News, to Science and the Economy, to full Documentaries that are out there for people to research and enjoy. Some blog sites to Internet Tools, I will post what I think you will enjoy or find useful..

Button text marked with a * are just a suggestion as to what to look for, but there is also much more to see there.

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(Quick Links) Current Event / Real News & Blogs Links

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NATO/Ukraine Proxy War against Russia

For now I'm using their YouTube links, as they provide CC Subs for language conversion.

Medical Information (Covid-19 and More)

Interesting View on Legal Information

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