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“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

―George Orwell

“Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”

―George Orwell, 1984

“There is nothing in the record of the past two years when both Houses of Congress have been controlled by the Republican Party which can lead any person to believe that those promises will be fulfilled in the future. They follow the Hitler line - no matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as truth.”

― John F. Kennedy

“The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.”

― Adolf Hitler


WikiLeaks is a multi-national media organization and associated library. It was founded by its publisher Julian Assange in 2006. WikiLeaks specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying and corruption. It has so far published more than 10 million documents and associated analyses. “WikiLeaks is a giant library of the world's most persecuted documents. We give asylum to these documents, we analyze them, we promote them and we obtain more.” - Julian Assange, Der Spiegel Interview WikiLeaks has contractual relationships and secure communications paths to more than 100 major media organizations from around the world. This gives WikiLeaks sources negotiating power, impact and technical protections that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to achieve. Although no organization can hope to have a perfect record forever, thus far WikiLeaks has a perfect in document authentication and resistance to all censorship attempts.

As well as nominations for the UN Mandela Prize (2015) and nominations in six consecutive years for the Nobel Peace Prize (2010-2015)

The Duran

One of the Best News Agencies around for International News, and good insight on things yet to come.
Alex Christoforou Headquartered in Greece, and Alexander Mercouris in London, and they do an exceptional job at getting to the facts...

The Gray Zone

The Grayzone is an independent news website dedicated to original investigative journalism and analysis on politics and empire. It was founded and is edited by award-winning journalist and author, Max Blumenthal.

Russian TV

Russian Television, where American's providing American News for Americans are called, "Foreign Agents", and has now been Canceled, like so many other things that go against the talking points of the Western World..
When American Corporate News started to fired anyone who refused to go along with the State Sponsored narrative, they started to look for a job that would let them say what they needed to say.. RT was the place, until the Ukraine invasion by Russia..
Now at RT and RT America you will find American's such as, Rick Sanchez (Retired), Larry King (Passed away), Max Keiser (Canceled), Lee Camp (Canceled), Chris Hedges (Canceled), Jesse Ventura (Canceled), Tyrel Ventura (Canceled), Mike Papantonio (Canceled), Holland Cooke (Canceled/Retired), and Peter Lavelle.. RT says, "Question More", but I like to, "Question Everything" Even if our Western Government tries to prevent us from doing so.. They do provide the News that's missing from our Lame Stream Corporate Media.. For now, only some of RT remains, but I feel that in the future they will once again find a way to get the message out there for people to see and debate on again...

The Corbett report

From Western Japan, Alt News I enjoy, as they dig deep into thing others don't.. From their website they tell you what they do..
"The Corbett Report is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source. It operates on the principle of open source intelligence and provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more."
The Corbett Report has also been Canceled from YouTube, but they are still up and running on Alt Platforms..

The Jimmy Dore Show

Jimmy Dore is the star of several Comedy Central specials, Author of the best seller “Your Country Is Just Not That Into You“, a writer performer for the Off-Broadway hit “The Marijuana-Logues”, the host of his own weekly radio show in Los Angeles, and on air host for The Young Turks, the largest online news show in the world.
His latest effort “Sentenced To Live” is Jimmy's most powerful Hour of Stand-Up comedy to date. He effortlessly skewers our corporate media and bought politicians as he holds a mirror up to American culture.
Funny how Comedians are the only ones who don't find the State of our Country funny, and are trying to educate their audience with some Facts!

Full Measure

Full Measure is a weekly Sunday news program focusing on investigative, original and accountability reporting. The host is Sharyl Attkisson, five-time Emmy Award winner and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting. She is backed by a team of award winning journalists. Each week, we have a cover story that explores untouchable topics in a fearless way including: immigration, terrorism, government waste, national security and whistleblower reports on government and corporate abuse and misdeeds.

The Last American Vagabond

Our Goal:
The Last American Vagabond will always provide a source of information that the people can trust and count on. It should be openly stated that no journalist can be 100% objective, as it is one's views and opinions that give life to any good writing. Yet, we see it as our moral imperative to not only provide the most up to date, factual information available, but to give you our assessment as to how that information affects you. We will never pass along our opinion as fact, and will never denigrate the truth to suit our agenda, which is all too apparent with the vast majority of corporate media.

Kim Iversen

Message From Kim Iversen..
"I Don't fall in line when the line leads to bullshit.."
Very good information when it comes to Global News..