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We are in strange times right now, and it seems to me we are in big trouble when it comes to our Economy. People are without jobs, some businesses are closing for good because of the virus that is holding us hostage. Still the Stock Market is doing great, just great. Could it be they are printing money and feeding it to the market just to keep the Corporations healthy? That's not free markets by anyone's imagination. As I have said many times before, it looks as if our Empire is crumbling all around us, and the Economy is not any different. Printing money to keep the Elite's profits from dwindling is not good for America. After all, who is going to pay that debt? No jobs, no income, and no way to pay our own debt, let alone the National Debt they are ringing up in our name, and giving it to the wealthiest people in the Country. I just don't trust American News now days, and we all need to inject information from other sources to figure out the Real News. Here are a few links where they try and figure it all out..

The Keiser Report on RT

The Keiser Report, and Max Keiser TV are both good when it comes to our Economic System. Max Keiser has been more right than wrong, and that's all anyone can ask for in this crazy mixed up time right now. One never knows what the FED will do next to try and keep America from going Bankrupt.

Boom / Bust on RT

From RT comes Boom Bust. The boom/bust cycle is as old as Western banking itself. Our hosts break through the mainstream headlines to find the stories that matter, and help you navigate the booms and the busts.


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Democracy at Work

Global Capitalism: Live Economic Update - Capitalism’s Decline Accelerates. Prof. Wolff presents the following topics: the failures mount: failed preparation for COVID-19; failed containment of COVID-19; failed preparation for 2020 capitalist crash; failed containment of crash’s social effects; failed scapegoating. The social problems explode: systemic racism; State and local budget collapse; unaffordable housing and eviction. In addition to Wolff’s discussion of the main topics above, Prof. Wolff also discusses the following: US election and the way forward: historic action of US professional athletes; fading power of GOP, Dems, and organized labor; emerging fascism.

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