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They Are Just "MY" Opinions!

Most people have opinions, and they can be on just about anything under the sun, or on anything in the Universe. I think about a lot of different things, and even if I'm not an expert on them, I still am entitled to my opinion. (And so are you...)
Opinions are formed in many ways, like listening to others who investigate things of interest, or experts in a single field, and from life itself. Visit Here to see the Physicists model how we form opinions.
Then there are people who seem to have no opinions at all, but instead search the internet for people who give their opinion just to start an argument, and we call them Internet Trolls. Internet Trolls don't give their opinion, they only put down your opinion to make you mad.
All my opinions have been formed over 68+ years of life, and are from life itself, reading what others have to say, and other people's opinions too. I have always believed that when you see what others think about something, you should think about it, and study it before accepting it, or dismissing it. It's always nice to have an opinion that is backed up by someone that spent their entire life researching it, even if the conclusion they came up with is not widely accepted.
My opinions are never set in stone, as life is one long learning session, and I may find things that make more sense to me, and I add them to my opinions. So here I will post MY Opinions about different things that interest me, and maybe they will interest you too.
I have never been good at writing, and maybe that's why I never started a blog before. It's always been hard for me to write what's on my mind, and it never really came out on paper or computer screen the way I see it in my mind. Well; I'm trying to learn, so bear with me...