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And The Year Was 2020

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How did we get here?

It's been building for over two decades, but things are not going well for the world right now. Art Bell called it "The Quickening" in his book, and it was about how things are speeding up all around us. People said: With characteristic accuracy and an insight gained from years of being in tune with the public, Bell presents a critical guide to the 21st century. and Bell was right on a few things, as the world has changed in the direction he said it would, noting the book was written in 1997.
There are people who think they can control the world, and do it with the might of the U.S. Military, and the Corporations they already have control of. I come to this conclusion only because I haven't found anything to tell me differently. I started to see this back in the early 1970's when thing that I was told to be true, didn't seem true at all. When you are told to believe something, and that something was not even close to what you see, then it was time to look for why it didn't seem true at all. It didn't seem true, because it wasn't. Then I started to look back at when I was a small child, and seen the same thing going on even then. No matter who was in our Government, the path stayed the same, even when they said that the two party system was totally different. It was then that I could tell the Conservatives were not Conservatives at all, and the Liberals had the same problem; as they didn't really support the workers as their party said they were. I found this out even more when I joined the United Transportation Union, and found the Unions sold us out to the Democrats in the mid 1990's, when they asked all member to vote straight Democrat, who promptly moved American jobs to Mexico for more profits under NAFTA.
With each and every President after Clinton, more and more American jobs move out of America, so the Corporations needed less high paid American workers and gain more profits for themselves. The owners and main members of these Corporations wages went up because of that, and the workforce of America made less and less money due to the fact they were service jobs, not skilled labor jobs as we once had. These Corporations didn't have to pay out for the Retirement of their workers, or vacation time, or even their Health Insurance for these people since they are now in a foreign Country, so the money came pouring in. The question is, when you have that kind of money, what do you do with it?
The answer is simple. When it's your goal to make as much money as you can, you buy the people that can make that happen. Union people were paid to look the other way, and you also start buying up the members of Government that are open to the idea of being bought. The sad thing is now it's nothing more than a big joke. References are made as to how Corruption is now legal, and the never ending revolving door where Corporate members are sent to serve in Government, and then back to the Corporations when they completed their mission of getting what the Corporations wanted. When you look at our Government now, it's like a who's who of Corporation power and money. When you buy the Government, and can enact any rules you want, you can make Corruption legal by means of the people you already bought. Citizens United is a good example of just this. Just like the pay people get working for a Corporation is not on a level playing field with the executives, this also unleveled the playing field of people who would run for office. If you can't afford to compete, then the elections will be tilted in the direction of those that can. If you offer a candidate money for favorable outcomes for your business, then they will donate to your candidacy. It's a "Pay to Play" Government, and that is the biggest way we got to 2020..

Typical Humans, and UnTypical Humans

Or better known as Human Nature..

I will have to say; I'm not a people person. As a matter of fact; I don't even like people, but I have a problem, and that is I find people Interesting.. I have been to large metro areas in the United States; such as LA, San Francisco, Denver, Washington DC, Seattle, and so on, and it's amazing what humankind has created. I have also been to large metro areas of other Countries, such as Australia, and even larger metro areas in China. I always figured they were nice places to visit, but I sure didn't want to live there. I used to live in a very small village of around 700 people, and even that wasn't to my liking, as in small spaces such as that; everyone wanted to know your business.. What can I say?.. I now live in the largest city in my State, and even that is small compared to most States, but it's big enough for me.
People like to feel "Included" in something, regardless of what it is, and some are good, some are bad, and some are just what they are, social groups. You have Religions, and social groups such as the Elks, American Legion, Shriners, and so on, then you have the Gangs and of course Political Parties. Some of these groups have expanded, and some have not. People move from group to group as the population see them as the "New Thing". If you're not a member of the new thing, then you're less of a person and shamed for your affiliation with a perceived lesser social group. In the 2000's this has become the normal in most of the Western World, and of course has caused divisions like the world has never seen in our lifetime. The biggest division started in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump, and with the election this year; 2020, is likely to grow to an extreme. In reality this is nothing more than Tribalism. The group your in is now your Tribe, and you align yourself with your Tribe. Then it comes down to Tribal Warfare where you fight anyone that is not in your Tribe.
That's why it doesn't matter to me to be, "Outside The Box" when it comes to Tribal Groups. I don't care that I'm not in any social or tribal groups at all. When you're outside the box; you see things much more clear as you are looking in, and not blinded by the edge of your box when looking out.

2016, the Beginning of the End, or the End of the Beginning?

The 2016 Election was strange enough, but nothing compared to what's going on in 2020. The Democrats thought it was a great idea to run a corrupt; pay to play, evil corrupt person who most people didn't like at all. At least anyone with half a brain that is. This wasn't on the voters, it was on the heads of the people running the Democratic Party. The voters on the other hand have had enough with the Status Quo, and wanted a person named, Bernie Sanders, as their candidate. At that time I saw things that didn't make much sense in Bernie's campaign, but the people still trusted him enough to show up for his rallies, and donated lots of money for his campaign. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, the evil one, took over as head of the Democratic party, and turned them against Bernie according to Donna Brazile. In the end, Bernie did what I thought he would do, and essentially dropped out to support Hillary. Before that, the Progressive division within the Democratic Party had talked about leaving the Party, and start a 3rd Party as the Democratic Party had changed to the point they didn't like the direction it was going in. But Bernie was kind of what I would call a holder, that held the Progressives inside the Democratic Party to prevent a 3rd Party run for office. Of course that is because most of the people that would vote 3rd Party would come from the Democrat side of the two flavors of the Corporate Party. So they couldn't have that, so they needed a holder to just hold the Democrat Party together.
Anyway, it gets really messy and confusing if you haven't been following American Politics, and we do have 3rd Parties out there, but none have really gained traction in any of the Elections in the past. It's always been either a Republican or Democrat flavor of the Corporate Party that gains access to the White House at the end of the Election cycle. I believe that it's mostly because they get no Corporate Funding, because they not part of the Corporate Party Flavors, and would work to undo all that the Corporations have gotten done over the decades. It's always been about the "Profits" for the few, on the lives of the many. Wars have always been very profitable for the Corporations, and so that is the direction they took our Country. There has never been a war they didn't like, and the people always wanted out of the wars. The biggest problem they had was the Media. Media back in the 1960's were owned by many different small Corporations, and the Oligarchs couldn't control them all, and because of that the people got to see what war really was. Death and destruction, the suffering of so many civilians with lack of food, water, and their homes destroyed by war. The people of America cried out to stop the Death and Destruction, and the Government had no other option that to stop the war, and withdraw. Since then, the Government has allowed big Corporations to buy up all the smaller ones, and now 96% of ALL media is owned by only 5 or 6 large Corporations. They receive monies from the makers of war equipment to run advertisement for war equipment as if the normal citizen is going to go out and buy a fighter jet, or rockets, or a tank. The News we get is sanitized for our viewing, and all the narratives are Government Talking Points. Still a lot of the people here still think we are a free Nation, and are far away from Communism, the hated scourge of the world. America is moving in the Communism direction. Communism is all about control. A few control the many by means of propaganda and intimidation. It's not always straight forward as some Countries have been free for so long, it's impossible to just enact it in that type of Country. So in through the back door they come. Having attacks in our Country that are said to be "Terrorist", and if we want safety; we need to give up some of our freedoms. They hold Media to the mark, promoting wars in other Countries as just getting rid of the terrorist there, even when there were none to start with. The people are lied to on a daily bases. All the while we inch closer to the type of Government we say we hate. The big problem is, the way they are going about this is working, and the people are still fast asleep.

The Media And Big Tech Come Into Play

Even before Donald Trump was elected to the Office of President in 2016, the Democrats were hammering away at his credibility, and dreaming up things to make sure he didn't get elected. After Trump was elected anyway, the rumors went absolutely insane with false accusations of Russia collusion, and interference in the investigation, and anything else the Democrats could dream up. It didn't take long for most of the people to figure out what was going on, and even people in foreign Countries figured it out pretty quick. The thing was, the Oligarchs didn't figure that the people would go out of their way to vote for an outsider, a reality show host, a person that was rough and would say what he thought, not like a true Politician who is smooth talking and polite.
So all through the first year in office, Trump had to deal with an intrusive investigation, and Big Tech and the MSM News joined in with all the false allegations, and censored anyone that had something different to say. This carried on into the 2nd and 3rd years of his term as President, and with the Media and Big Tech it only got worse. Media blasted Trump ever chance they got, and the Democrats took ever chance they had to disqualify him as President, and even went so far as to Impeach him over talking on a phone to the President of the Ukraine. Transcripts of that call were released by President Trump to prove there was noting illegal about the call, but still they went on with the impeachment. In the end, just like the Russiagate investigation, it went nowhere.
There are reasons Trump was hated so much, but it's not what the general public thinks. Trump ran on an Antiwar platform, and said he wanted to get out of all the Middle East Wars, and spend that money right here at home, rebuilding America's declining infrastructure. This would kill the profits from war, and the Military Industrial Complex would have to get real jobs for a change. We are talking Trillions of Dollars over time here, and they want to hang on to that kind of profits for as long as possible. The only way to avert the loss of that kind of profit is to remove an Antiwar President from office, and replace him with a Prowar President. Since the State has now successfully taken over the lions share of the Lame Stream Media, they can blast the public with the propaganda to do just that.

Leading Up To The 2020 Election

There was a really good candidate in the Democratic Party named Tulsi Gabbard. I would have voted for her in the blink of an eye. She was also Antiwar, and had some other really good ideas. But again, that Antiwar thing made her unthinkable in the eyes of the Deep State, and they labeled her as a Russian Bot, Putin's Puppet, and so on, just like they did Trump. Of course they had the Place Holder running again, Bernie Sanders, who again stopped the majority of Democrats running to a 3rd Party, and used him to bring his following onboard with their real choice. This is two times in a row they have pulled this, but yet Bernie has the hangers on that think he didn't have a choice, and if he was to run again; would do the same thing to his followers.
In the early days of the Trump Presidency the Democrats and the Deep State went after all the President's pick to fill office seats, and so he wasn't able to really start his Presidency as most Presidents get to do. He had NO chance to get much done at all, as he felt if he did they would do more investigations, that was really nothing more than a way to slow him down again, and they fought him on everything he tried to do; including getting our Military out of the Middle East, and ending the endless wars.
In November of 2019 came a virus; one that started a Pandemic around the world in January 2020. They like to say it started in China, but then again other facts and theories about this virus were dug up over time. I put up a webpage on the facts that are out there on my Hot Topics / Covid-19 Page. (opens in another tab) As time went on, they used this Pandemic against Trump, even when most of the bad information came from the people who were actually in charge of the Health System. These people flip flopped more than Flip Romney did in his run for President. (I refused to vote for Flip too) Trump didn't know anything about a Pandemic, and didn't pretend to know; unlike Bill Gates who pretends for the Profits that can be made.
In the end, the Democrats again picked the absolute worst possible person to run for President; Joe Biden; who had been in one office of Government or another for 47 years, and did nothing but write crime bills that put more people in jail for longer periods of time, and back every single war that came along.

The Players

Sleepy Joe Biden

Biden has a big problem. He is currently having a Dementia problem, just like Ronald RayGun had back in the mid 1980's. He has trouble remembering things, like what office of Government he is really running for. At least twice during the campaign he told people to vote him into the Senate, (and not for the office of President). Strangely enough that didn't seem to make Democrats question his ability to lead the Country. All throughout his campaign he kept telling people not to vote for him if they didn't like what he stood for. Even some of the Democrats had a problem with him telling people to; Vote for Someone Else, and on their Pro Democrat Party Videos expressed their concerns and anger. The "Hill TV" on their "Rising"; Krystal and Saagar discuss Joe Rogan’s reaction to Sanders campaign suspension, compares a potential Trump and Biden debate as, "Mike Tyson vs. a 3-year-old"; Joe Rogan tells brutal truth about Joe Biden. Because of what the Democratic Party did to Bernie Sanders in 2016, the Bernie supporters had high hopes for the 2020 Election. But they did the same thing to Bernie this time around too. They did the Russia bot thing to Bernie as they did to Tulsi Gabbard, and Donald Trump, and in the end Bernie supported and worked for Biden the same way he worked for Hillary in 2016. Jimmy Dore shows who turned out for Bernie Sanders when he was running, and then when he dropped out, and supported Biden. So many Bernie supporters were so pissed off, they started a movement to leave the Democratic Party back at the end of June, 2018. The Movement is, "The #WalkAway Campaign"...
Are you starting to understand that the Democratic Flavor of the one Party System has been falling apart for many years now, and the people they run for office are the worst of the worst. Unliked, dysfunctional, and downright despised by most of the voters. Until 2016 the Republican Flavor hasn't been much better.
I really found nothing good about Joe Biden, as he has been worthless for his entire life as far as I can tell. All you need to do is look at his record while in office, and what his Son has been up to while Joe Biden was Vice President.

Donald Trump

Trump also had a big problem, but it wasn't the same as Biden's. So I will start off by talking about Trump's problems. Trump has a very big Ego, and it makes him come off as a real Asshole. I remember when people said I should check out Trump's reality show; "The Apprentice", and I could only watch about 5 minutes of it before I changed the channel. His Ego was so big, I started to call him Donald Rump, because he was such an Ass...
After Trump won the Election in 2016, the Democrats started all kinds of investigations of Russian Collusion in the Election, but as I said, it became very clear it was all made up. He backed off some of the things we wanted to do because of all the Bull Shit the Democrats were tossing at him. Surprising enough, none of it stuck. Then after all that was over, alone came the Covid-19 infection. Trump made a few mistakes at the start, and that was not requiring mandatory quarantine on all passengers coming to America from other Countries. I'm sure there would have been a Democrat outcry over it, as they bitched and called Trump xenophobic when he shut down flights from China. Now you need to understand that the State Run Media sticks up for Biden, and in the News they claim that Biden didn't mean because Trump banned flights from China, but the facts say different. On January 31st 2020 Trump banned flights from China, and on February 1st Biden twitted; We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. We need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering, He is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency...
Trump's "team" did a really bad job, especially Dr. Fauci. On The Hill's "Rising"; they brought this to our attention. Fauci ADMITS LIVE government lied about masks to preserve supplies! and Surgeon Gen. CONFRONTED LIVE On Mask Lies! Now about Supplies that weren't there. Had this Pandemic happened during any of the Presidents before Trump, the outcome would have been the same. None of the other Presidents stocked up on the needed drugs and equipment, and the Obama / Biden Administration had eight years to do just that, and didn't. All the while Trump was fighting all the Bull Shit accusations, and Impeachment proceedings; his time could have been better spent working for the people of this Country. The problem is; throughout our Country's modern history they have only looked at short term anything; including medical equipment, drugs, and Profits. We allowed Big Pharma to move their manufacturing overseas for more profits a very long time ago, and Trump has been trying to get them to move their manufacturing back to the United States. So who's fault is it really?

Before The 2020 Election

In the last weeks of the campaigns, Biden's Son, Hunter Biden, laptop had been left off for repair in early 2019, and when the shop tried to contact Hunter he was nowhere to be found. So after the required 90 days, the shop decided to erase the drive, and sell the laptop to recoup the money for repairs that were never paid. Before they formatted the drive, they had a look, and found a lot of questionable material that needed to be exposed. So they called the FBI and told them what they found. At first the FBI didn't seem interested in the information, and ignored the shop. The shop then contacted Rudy Giuliani and the New York Post, and turned over copies of the drive to them. Shortly after that, the FBI got interested. Big Tech and the Lame Stream Media tried to shut down anything dealing with this information, a big coverup if you will.. The New York Post had their Twitter Account locked, on Facebook it was shadowbanned, and on YouTube is was deleted or the people posting it was deplatformed. At least a few people in Media had the opportunity to bring some of this to light, and even interviewed people that knew what had happened back then. Tucker Carlson Tony Bobulinski Full Interview Of course they had to make it look good, so Congress had a powwow with the heads of Big Tech over the Censorship, and it turned out as it always does.. A lot of BS was tossed around, and the Big Tech Idiots were off the hook. No Evidence of Misinformation But even today this story is hard to find, if at all, on any of the Big Tech Social Media sites.
Joe Biden didn't do much campaigning, and mostly hid away in his basement, while Donald Trump held rallies and campaigned hard. Thousands turned out for the Rallies, and of course the Lame Stream Media says it did nothing but spread the virus. Still they say protesting by BLM and Antifa were just fine; no problems at all. All you hear on the TV was; whatever the Liberals did was okay, and whatever the Conservatives did was not okay. It's a pushing of their agenda plain and simple.

The 2020 Election

The 2020 Election was a mess. With the Pandemic raging most of the people didn't want to run out to cast a ballot, so they used the Mail In ballots instead. Millions upon Millions of ballots were mailed in, creating one big mess. Laws and Rules were not followed, and ballots were counted after the due date had passed, and now it's hard to accept the results by either side. If Trump won; the Democrats bitch, and if Biden won; the Republicans bitch. There really is no winner in this Election; especially the American People.
At the time I'm writing this page; Trump has a team of Lawyers working on getting to the bottom of the corruption, of which there is many examples of throughout the United States, but only focusing on the major cities that seem to have the most electoral corruption, and of course the States in which this is going on says there is no corruption at all. There are allegations of 100%, 200%, and even 300% overvote in some precincts, and some say that more people voted than all the people, including children, voted in other precincts. While the Democrats and the Corporate News Media try to poo poo this, there are some very prominent Attorneys putting their careers on the line right now, and I find it hard to say they would do this if there was not evidence to show there was just what they are telling us about. The Electronic Voting machines, the ones I have said were a bad thing from the start, are also part of the Corruption of this Election. They flip votes, and can be manipulated to pick the winner of anyone they want, and they are saying that is just what happened in this election. Trump's Attorneys held a press conference 3 days ago, and this is what they had to say. Sidney Powell Rudy Giuliani Press Conference
How this election will end is still anyone's guess. I can only hope Trump gets another 4 years, but there are so many Oligarchs against him, and I guess that's why I'm now on Trump's team.

Conspiracy, or Just The Way It Is?

2020 is the strangest year I have lived in so far, but that's not to say stranger years are not still to come. I would almost have to say this has been coming for some time now, and the Oligarchs feel that if they don't move now, it's going to slip away from them. There is no doubt in my mind that there are forces acting in the world that want to take control, as when you look at where we have been, and the direction we are heading, this kind of thing doesn't happen by natural forces. When dealing with the information we are given, for me it's always been, if it doesn't make sense, it's most likely not true. I'm not the only one who thinks this way, and now I find more and more people waking up to what's really going on around them. They see that what they are told makes no sense at all, and then they started asking the right questions. As they asked the right questions, there was only a few answers that would fit what they were actually seeing.
While I don't really agree with what Noam Chomsky has been saying in the past few years, he did do a wonderful Documentary years ago called; "Manufacturing Consent", and in that Documentary he explains how it is that the Oligarchs need to approach total dominance over the people not by might, but instead they need make the people think that is what they want instead. That brings to mind a Quote: The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within do not even realize that they are in prison.”
—Barbara Marciniak, "Bringers of the Dawn

Right now all the dystopia things written seem to be coming to pass. From George Orwell's 1984, to Mae Brussell's Conspiracy Theories; they all seem to be, in one way or the other; being put into play. There have been many people in places that could see the real facts, come out and tell the people to keep a close eye on things that are going on, but since the Manufacturing of Consent, the people have been asleep. We are going to see a great number of articles in the future from so-called experts and public officials. They will warn about more violence, more kidnappings, and more terrorists. Mass media, the armed forces, and intelligence agencies will saturate our lives with fascist scare tactics and 'predictions' that have already been planned to come true."
—'Conspiracy theorist' Mae Brussell, 1974

When it comes to questioning the official storyline, they try and intimidate you by labeling you a; "Conspiracy Theorist", but for some, such as Mae Brussell, they ware that label as a badge of honor. I have no need to fit in, and I would never give up the facts for a place in the crowd, but some prefer the place in their crowd, and I call it stuffing yourself in a small box.. There are indeed Groups of Oligarchs that work to run the planet, and there were so many warning about them over time, but now they are right out in the open, with Websites and goals they tell everyone about. Very few seem to know about them, and very few seem to care. The Trilateral Commission was a secret organization in the early 1970's, and people who stood before Congress and were asked the question if they were a member of the Trilateral Commission, said they had been, but left the organization as if it was a bad thing. Here is a Quote I think you will find interesting. The Trilateral Commission is international and intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize the four centers of power—political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical.”
—U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater

The Bilderberg Group is also big on trying to Control the World. Some have said that at a meeting, the members wanted to open up China, and low and behold; one of it's members; Henry Kissinger, set it up with Richard Nixon. In 2006 a video was posted on YouTube that says it all. It was from CNN Business when they interviewed a guy; Jon Ronson, that wrote a book on the Bilderberg Group, and from the Interview he seems like a fan. CNN on Bilderberg. Listen closely to this interview..
Then there is the Council on Foreign Relations, and they are the underlings of the other major Oligarch Cults.
There have also been the calls from the major players of the Oligarchs to use this Pandemic as "The Great Reset". Lots of talk about this phrase is going on all around the world. There is even a book about it. In case you're not up on what this is, here is James Corbett to explain it for you. Your Guide to the Great Reset
Now if you watched the entire 1 hour 11 minutes of the Guide to the Reset, and maybe thinking that James Corbett is nothing more than a; "Conspiracy Theorist", well, they are talking about this in Canada as well, and not just the People, but their Prime Minister; Justin Trudeau, is talking about it too, and a Reporter in Greece is talking about Trudeau. Justin Trudeau pushes The Great Reset into the mainstream. But maybe Trudeau wasn't supposed to do that, and took it back as a "Conspiracy Theory". Justin Trudeau now claims that “Great Reset” is a “Conspiracy Theory”
James Corbett and Alex Christoforou are not the only ones putting out information about the Great Reset, as Paul Joseph Watson and James Delingpole did a podcast on this also. What is "The Great Reset"?, and later Paul Joseph Watson talked about Trudeau promoting it, and then dissing it. They think you're stupid.
There are so many things going on this year, and maybe it was the Pandemic, or maybe it was a Plandemic, and this was all set to happen even if the Virus didn't show up. I truly believe the Election was rigged to remove Trump from office, as he was getting in the way of their agenda, and they worked for 4 years to hold him back as much as possible to keep their agenda alive, and that angers me more than anything. This is MY Country, and things like this shouldn't happen. I would be just as angry if it had been the Republicans that did this to the Democrats. I'm against all the ShitFuckery both parties do to get the upper hand. The Gerrymandering, the purging of people off the voting list when they are legal voters, and all the little tricks they use should be totally illegal, and jail time should be there for anyone that pulls these little tricks. But in the end, the questions are still there, and the year is almost over. But will this continue into 2021? That's the next question, and if Biden is really the next President, then what? How bad will it get under his Presidency? So many questions that have yet to be answered. In the end, we can only wait and see, as there is not much we can do right now, but things can get a lot worse, and maybe they will. I guess only time will tell, and maybe some of the questions will be answered.

The year's not over, but I have outlined just some of the major happening of 2020. I will add more later if something big comes up. So for now, I wish you all the best, and lets hope for a much better 2021.