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The first thing I would like to do is to point out that our entire Economic System is an Oxymoron. The definition of Economy is: Thrifty and efficient use of material resources: frugality in expenditures; also: an instance or a means of economizing." What our Economy has become is a bloated wasteful system used to allow corporations to "Grow" their profits. We have become hooked in a destructive loop of production and consumption. We live on a planet of finite resources, but yet we burn through them as fast as we can get them our of the ground.
It used to be that America made the best, longest lasting goods on this planet, but once we achieved this status, it was now time to grow profits the only ways possible. First cut back on the people you employ by automating your factories, and if possible, make sure the produce will not last all that long, and that is called, Planned Obsolescence. It's hard to believe that we build things to fail, just so we can build and sell them again, but that's what our so called Economy has morphed into.

It's been driven into our minds that we must work to earn money, to buy not only the things we want, but the things we need to survive. Not everyone must do this as the Oligarchs of today, or the Kings of the past, do very little work, and reap abundantly from the work of other. It's been like that for as long as our Modern Society has existed.
The sad thing is it's now coming to and end, and things are changing so fast that it's collapsing in on itself. We have more people than jobs, and what jobs that are available do not pay a living wage. This is by design to keep economic power out of the hands of normal everyday citizens. Most of the wealth in America is now held by the top 1%, and things that are goin gone now is speeding that up quite a bit. People can't work because of a Pandemic, and businesses are closing for good due to the bailouts going again to the major Corporations and businesses men, who in turn use the 0% interest rates to buy back their own stock. As is now said by many people in the Economic News, that it's even under consideration for Corporations to end their Public offerings, and move to be Private Corporations again. This is told in detail on The Keiser Report September 22nd, 2020 Titled "Betting Big on Double Wides".
With all the printing of Fiat Money during this Pandemic, Big Corporations are getting nervous about the value of money. This is not only in the United States, but around the world where Debt is King.. There is only one Country that seen this coming, and did something about it, and that is Russia. They paid off many of their debts, and started to stockpile Gold, and also put money away for a rainy day. They are going to come out of this in good shape, but the United States is around $50 Trillion in debt, with the National debt, the Corporate debt, and consumer debt, and as anyone who studied History knows, that is how the downfall of Empires happen. I'm not sure if the people around the world understand this, or if they are just willfully blind to the fact that what's going on now will not last for that much longer, and things are going to get really bad really fast. I know here in the Heart Land of America, when you point out what's going on, they roll their eyes, or get angary, and call you unAmerican because you refuse to drink their Kool-Aid. Very bad choices by the last 6 Presidents have sped up the destruction of the United States, and in many ways have also hurt many other Countries around the world by means of Sanctions, and also selling them bad investments such as the one that disrupted the Global Economic System in 2007–2008.

In the past there has been talk about World Population, and how we need to control it. It started with a term called, "Eugenics", where by someone gets to control who gets to live, and who does not. This is not only going on today, but is being sped up through a lot of different means. One that has been shown to be doing just this, is the Vaccination Programs, where people in poor Countries, but rich in Natural Resources, are said to need help, and so they are prime for the Mass Vaccination Programs installed there. One such program is the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation, and here is Bill Gates telling you that Vaccinations will help control World Population in, Innovating to zero!. It's clear that life has been reduced to having no value when it comes to the normal everyday citizens, and the only thing that has value is the lives of the "Ruling Class", as they have taken over the wealth of the Nations around the world, and anyone that gets in the way are crushed. You only need to look at Venezuela, Libya, Iraq, many small Nations in Africa, Iran, Afghanistan, to name but only a few who have had holy hell thrown at them from larger Nations, because they refused to give up their natural resources. So when they use Vaccines to sterilize the population, and in many cases giving the person that was vaccinated the disease for which they were said to be vaccinated for, such as in India and Africa, it wouldn't be long before the population starts to decline, and the ruling class can just walk in and take what they want.

The Oligarchs in so many Nations around the world have dug in, and are playing hard ball. Because of their vast wealth they have bought Governments and Legal Systems to increase their hold on Nation States so they can do their bidding. The three major Nations under Oligarch control right now are The United States, The United Kingdom, and Australia. In Australia things are really getting bad, and they are enacting total control, with entering people's homes and hauling them off to jail for just writing something online about their lockdown. Here is a bit of what's going on Down Under in Australia.. Victoria police go from ‘zero to nuclear’ in latest footage of police overreach and Melbourne Freedom Protests At Queen Victoria Market and Angry in Australia Special - Australians losing their freedom. Whose next?
And there you have it.. The questions is, what's going to happen when they try that in the United States where they public is armed just like the Police?

This taking control over populations by means of lockdowns is crazy, and that has always been part of their plan to reduce the freedoms of Countries that used to have the most freedoms, that is if you read the real History, and not what they try and teach you in school. The problem is, this should have never happened in the first place. We should have seen how the people with all money were buying Governments all over the world, and then the legal systems so they never have to worry about going to jail as they made their corruption legal.
If anyone remembers when Russia collapsed, and all of a sudden the United States and Russia were the best of friends, and all the while the Oligarchs of Russia and the Oligarchs of the United States were raping Russia of their wealth, until the Russian people have had enough, and elected a person that would get the Russian Oligarchs back under control, and keep the Oligarchs from other Countries from running off with the Russian wealth.. For that, they rebecame the enemy of the United States.. In the end, they don't care since they get to keep their own Wealth and Natural Resources. Today the people who are mad about not being able to strip the wealth from Russia, point to Russia as being the problem to everything they get themselves into. The thing is, if you know what took place back then, you don't fall for the BS that's going on now.

In the end, things never had to get this bad. Life could have been the Utopia we were told about a long long time ago when there was still something called the American Dream. Machines doing the labor giving people the time to enjoy life, and think of all the things humankind could do in the future. Spending time with family, and taking the time to smell the roses instead of what we have now. With our technology things could be designed to last a lifetime, and all new upgrades and repairs could be made by a simple changeout of parts and or technology without any effort at all. This would be a true economy, and would reduce pollution to boot. No more destruction of our planet, and clean air, drinkable water, and non-polluted food supplies would also reduce pollution created cancers, and health problems. The only problem with this dream is that the Oligarch Elite would lose their hold on the mass population, and you and I both know they will not give that up without a fight.
I'm not the only one that thought about this through the years, in Star Trek they explained that poverty was done away with, and people were allowed to learn the thing that interested them, and do the things that they enjoyed doing without the need for money. I doubt if humankind will last long enough to realize that dream, as we are on the path to certain destruction, one way or another. Will the Oligarch manage to kill off 80% of the population as they think is needed? Will they manage to sterilize the population so that only the "Elite" can have children? Or will they start World War 3 and end it all this time around? I guess the questions will be with us for a long time to come, or we will never see it coming.