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8D Chess, Being Played From A 3D Insane Asylum!

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As you visit the links in this blog, I want to say that they are used only to show you the basics as to what's going on in the world around us. Some of the things I agree with more than others, and it's up to each and every one of you to figure out for yourself, how what is said applies to what you are seeing in the world right now. I always try and look at every direction we are moving in; to try and understand more as to how this is all taking place. Unfortunately I don't see things getting better anytime soon. In the end; I hope you understand why I see things the way I do right now, and live your life in a way to stop what's going on by voting out people who continue to move us in this crazy direction.

A Bit Of History

This game has been going on for many Decades now, and it's only getting worse as time goes by. There are a few very rich people who use Governments to get what they want, and if the other Countries have what these Oligarchs want, they use so called "Intelligence" agencies, or our Military to get it. Major General Smedley Darlington Butler not only took part in this, but wrote a book about it called: "War Is A Racket"; (PDF Download; Website; LibriVox Audiobook), exposing the link between the U.S. Military and Corporations. Major General Smedley Butler was born in 1881, served for 34 years in the Marine Corps, received 16 medals for his time in service, and passed away in 1940 at the age of 58. The Oligarchs even tried to take over Government in a Business Coup D'état in 1934, that involved some of the wealthiest businessmen in the U.S. at the time. The reason I bring up Major General Butler is to show this 8D Chess game has been in play for a very long time now.
The CIA have been responsible for many coups around the world, and then we set up a puppet Government to rule over them, and gives the Oligarchs all the natural resources they want, just as they did in Iran many decades ago. When it came to the CIA, it was a love hate relationship with the Kennedy Administration, as JFK used the CIA in many of the covert coup operations, including the failed Bay of Pigs operation. After that; JFK wasn't all that happy with the CIA, and reports came out shortly after the failed Bay of Pigs operation that JFK wanted to get rid of the CIA, but in the end, JFK still worked with the CIA for other operations. This kind of thing is still going on with the Intelligence Agencies and our Government. As of today, I would say the Intelligence Agencies have more power than our Elected Government. That is of course by design, and in the early 1970's my Father gave me a little pamphlet entitled, "The Trilateral Commission", and I found it hard to believe that something like that could exist in our Country, but it did. Today this group has come out of the closet, and have their own Website. What got me to believe what the pamphlet was saying came by way of a Congressional investigation that made the News, and the guy testifying was asked if he was a member of the Trilateral Commission, and he stated he used to be, but left the organization. That said to me that the organization was looked down on at that time.
Insiders have come forth and told what they know about the goings on inside such organizations, so we only get to hear of some of the things being used to keep these secret cabals in power. In the pamphlet it was stated that with an election every 4 years, the path forward changed directions far too many times, and the Oligarchs felt that we would do better with a power behind the Government making the decisions behind the scenes to keep our Country moving in a steady direction. With this in mind, it's easy to see why our Foreign Policies never change from one President to the next, and if they do change at all, it's never in a better way than the Administration before it. It's as if the Elected President has power only in the United States, and only if it doesn't get in the way of the Foreign policy. If the Military needs more money for the Agenda of the Oligarchs, then the people do without so that the Military can do it's thing in the Foreign campaigns.
For this, I'm giving sites and information that I have found, to show anyone that is like me, and wants to get to the truth of the matter. Some of these sites have been around for sometime, and others contain new information that has come about from the declassification of Government documents. Researchers have also been looking into why things are the way they are, and also people from the inside coming out with what they know and experienced from within such agencies
From the Anti-War site, this article gives a good breakdown of the Oligarchs Organizations over time.
From the Modern History Project, we have a breakdown of the Members of the Trilateral Commission. From this page, you can go forward and backwards to see what other things have been going on, and I suggest you don't just stop with this page, as they do have a lot of other important information available.
An even older Organization would be the Bilderberg's. Established in 1954, this group also has it's own Website. Along with the other groups they represent Money and Power. From the New America site, they give you information about, the CFR, Trilateral's and the Bilderberg's.
David Talbot, who wrote a book named, "The Devil's Chessboard", was on Chris Hedges show to talk about America's Secret Government.

The Game Continues

Over time, the Oligarchs have thought that they can rule the world. As I have pointed out, they have been using the United States as their vehicle to do so, since it had the Economic and Military Power. The U.S. also has the World Reserve Currency, and SWIFT, (The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), that allows International Banking. They have been using SWIFT as a way to wage Economic War against Countries that refuse to do what the U.S. demands of them. If any Country refuses to bend a knee and do what the U.S. demands, the U.S. just tells them they can't do business. This has worked for the U.S. for many decades now, but with the increased use of this kind of warfare other Countries have gotten tired of it, and are now working to create a way to go around the U.S. control of International Banking.
Now one only needs to know that when Iraq started to move away from dealing in the USD, they were destroyed by America, and the same happened in Libya when Gadhafi started to make a gold-backed African money system that would have destroyed the USD. These were moves the small players made because they were tired of being attacked via the International Banking System, and this move just didn't work, and their Countries were destroyed. Because of the response to these moves by the U.S., the bigger players started to take notice. The United States has now been warned a few times that if they continue these actions, it could lead to a Global Conflict that would end Humanity. At the January 2021 World Economic Form in Davos, Putin again warns of ‘all against all’ fight if global tensions are not resolved. In other words, quit killing people all over the world for their natural resources.
When Putin became the leader of Russia, he made a deal with the Oligarchs there, and told them he would leave them alone if they kept their noses out of Russian Politics, or they could take their money and leave Russia. At one point, Putin also warned the United States about OUR Oligarchs, but I believe it was far too late for that, as they have taken over most of our Government by way of buying them. I found this Article about Oligarchs you might find interesting. Do U.S. Oligarchs Exist?
It may be the Oligarchs feel they are running out of time, or that they have played this game for far too long, but things are speeding up over this last decade, and it's starting to get dangerous in many ways.. This Plandemic that just happened seems to have got the Oligarchs showing a few of their cards, or should I say, some of their future Chess Moves. It came out at Economic Forum when they started talking about, The Great Reset, where they said, you will not own anything, and you Will Be Happy.
A lot of the moves have been right here in America, where they are trying to put people against people so that we are not organized against them, or be able to stop what they are doing, and it's working very well for them at the moment. Race against Race, Class against Class, Left against Right, Beliefs against Beliefs, Men against Women, and so on. America has become a dysfunctional Country to say the very least, a total mess if you really look hard at where we are now. So much is now under the control of a very few, and that includes 96% of the Media, and they control the minds of so many people that haven't a clue as to what is going on in our own Country. It's even getting worse, if that was even possible, as SCOTUS just ruled that it's okay for even more Media Mega-Mergers. They are using disasters, such as the 2007/2008 Economic collapse to bail out the banks to the tune of Billions to keep them afloat, since the people were out of work, and unable to pay their Rent, Mortgages and Credit Card payments, etc., and with that, when the disaster was over, they kicked 5.1 million people out of their homes by way of foreclosures on the properties, and resold them once the market recovered for even more profits. Then came the Plandemic, and we start all over again with people told they can't work, and small businesses had to close their doors to prevent the spread of this virus. This has lasted over a year now, and many small businesses are closed for good as there was no money coming in while their doors are closed. So now we are going to do the forecloses all over again, and of course the banks are going to come out winners, for at least a little while anyways. The reason for the statement, for a little while, is because the National Debt has now broken the $28 Trillion dollar mark, and that is with a "Capital T". I know it's been said before that we are going to go bankrupt, and the bubble keeps getting bigger, but the question is, for how much longer?
Now most people in the United States knows about our Shitfuckery in other Countries when it comes to rigging their elections, or overthrowing their Government to get the person in as their President, or Leader of their Country, so that our Corporations can extract their wealth for the benefit of a few Oligarchs. Seems that has come home to roost right here at home. This last election in 2020 was one of the worst example of a legal election in the History of our Country. Remember, you don't need to stuff the ballot box to rig an election. With the Oligarchs in control of the News Media, and Social Media, they can block any and all negative information about the candidate they want in office, and of course make up shit about the candidate they don't want. To this day they are still using the Oligarch controlled Social Media to censor, and Deplatform anyone who tries to shine a light on things they want to keep hidden from the public.

Foreign Moves

When it comes to making moves outside the United States, our Oligarch controlled Government sure sucks.
After WWII the United States was one of the only Countries left that was in one piece. Because of that we stepped into the roll of Alpha Dog, and we started our Empire. We ended up with the World Reserve Currency, and a Nuclear bomb to back up our Military Power. The thing was, before WWII we had problem with our Economics, and War solved that problem. So with that in mind, we set out to keep wars going all over the world, as it was very profitable. As I stated above, we also did Economic war to get what we wanted. John Perkins was an Economic Hitman for the United States, and explains how this works.
Many things happened with the collapse of the Soviet Union into the Russian Federation, and right away the West tried to plunder the wealth of Russia. It didn't take long for the Russians to wake up to the fact that if this continued, they would have less than nothing very quickly. Russia did what it had to do to stay Sovern, and keep what wealth it had, so somewhat broke with the West, and started to do things on its own again. Russia remained a Federation, and a Capitalist Society, but still to this day the Oligarchs in the West love to push the Communist propaganda Bull shit, because they can no longer control Russia or its resources. The United States in the last few decades have failed to live up to its agreements with most of the world, and it has only gotten worse with each and every Administration since the Carter Administration. We have lost the trust and respect of Countries all around the world. We have started Coup D'états all over the world, and after the 2016 election of Donald Trump, they brought that home to America.
The Oligarchs have robbed the American people of their wealth, and put the money in our so called, "Intelligence" services, and in our Military, thinking that this would keep them in power. What this has done instead, is put us front and center in a Thucydides Trap.

Bonehead moves by the United States

Over the last Decade the U.S. has been upping the Defense Spending like crazy. Of course the value of what we actuality get for the money spent is debatable. So called, "High Tech" stuff with billions in cost overruns, that doesn't really do what it was envisioned to do, seems to be a very large problem now daze. Our Countries infrastructure is in need of repair from coast to coast, with bridges collapsing in a few places, and other ready to collapse. Our Energy Grid is outdated, and one EMP from the Sun or a Nuke would place us back in the stone age for quite some time. The Oligarchs in search of even more profits have moved all the good paying manufacturing jobs to other Countries where wages are low, and then ship them back to the U.S. where they can be sold cheap, and at a higher profit than if the good had been made right here at home. Now we don't manufacture much of anything other than war equipment, and even some of the parts for that is also made overseas. There are a few very small corporations still doing some manufacturing here at home, but very few compared to what we had in our heyday.
All the while we are policing the world, and importing the things we need from other Countries, China has been building up it's infrastructure looking to the future, and also reaching out to help other Countries get on their feet with infrastructure of their own, and making a lot money doing it. The United States found themselves starting to have to look in the rear view mirror, and seeing nothing but China gaining on us. They were becoming an economic powerhouse, and that was unacceptable to have anyone challenge us in that way. Not only that, but Russia was the Military power, and China was the Economic power, and both together would be something we couldn't allow. But instead of working with them, we decided to make them both the boogieman. The D flavor of the Corporate Party pointed to Russia as the bad people, and the R Flavor of the Corporate Party pointed to China as being the bad people. If the U.S. made a bad mistake, then it was either Russia or China that was at fault. (It was never the U.S., as we never make mistakes) So then came the Sanctions, and we hit Russia with a bunch. Then during the Trump Regime, they didn't want it easy for China to catch up with us economically, so they started to sanction China's companies to try and hold them back, and they also started Trade Wars with the China itself. Because of everything we were doing to Russia, and now China, it has driven both powers together tighter than ever before. Russia has the Military Power, and China has the Economic Power, and together, America has no answer to this growing problem. On March 18th and 19th, 2021, China and the U.S. had a meeting in Alaska. At that meeting, the U.S. Nutcase Representative, Antony Blinken, started to talk down to China, and China told him the they were not going to stand for that kind of exchange anymore. Blinken's Alaska China train wreck changes world order!
Putin has also drawn his Red Line, and said they will not be pushed around by the U.S. or the EU. Every time the U.S. has a problem, they turn to more Sanctions that have NO impact on Russia anymore, since they have seen that move played before, and set things up so there is no impact on their Country. The last key is kicking Russia out of SWIFT, and Russia and other Countries Friendly to Russia have started to set up their own way of paying money across borders, bypassing SWIFT. At this point, the U.S. has made nothing but bad moves that have done the opposite of what they wanted or intended. Now the U.S. wants Regime change in Turkey, a NATO Member no less, Bolton & Neocons target Turkey & Erdogan for regime change. At this point, I think we are pushing more Countries into the arms of Russia and China, and soon it's going to be rough to find any Country that wants to be part of our Shitfuckery. More and more Countries that we mess with, are moving away from the USD, and with that move, the value of the USD is going to fall. Along with that, we just keep printing money as if there is no problem paying back the $28+ Trillion we now owe. So they say we are the richest Country around, but most of the money is centered in just a few hands, and the rest of the Country is struggling to survive. Anyone can become Rich by just getting as many credit cards as they can, and charge them to the limit, but the problem is that someday it has to be paid back. So many bone head moves that it's a wonder we are still at the top of the pile.

To Sum It All Up..

So as to end this very long blog, I have to say that the American Empire is not long for this planet, and some other Country will take our place. We did this to ourselves, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. America could have been just as great today as it was when it first started, but we lost our way. We let the unelected Oligarchs take over, and they filled their pockets with as much money as they could loot from our Country, and killed the middle class to gain even more profits before the collapse of America. There is going to be more problems for the world, but I'll get into that in a later blog. (That is if the world survives the mess we are in right now.)
The reason I said if we survive, is because there are some within our Government that think a Nuclear War is winnable, and they just might try to see if that is possible, at the cost of all human life on the planet.
The Thucydides's Trap is set, and what the outcome will be is anyone's guess..