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Updated on 9/8/2020

Documentaries are a good source of information, even if not everything is correct due to not all the parts of the puzzle being found as of yet. They investigate, and try and figure out, why thing are they way they are.. Please watch with an "Open Mind", and maybe things will become a bit clearer.

Manufacturing Consent explores the political life and ideas of world-renowned linguist, intellectual and political activist Noam Chomsky. Through a collage of biography, archival material and various graphics and illustrations, Mark Achbar and Peter Wintonick's 22-award-winning documentary highlights Chomsky's probing analysis of mass media and his critique of the forces at work behind the daily news.

Found on YouTube, Running Time: 2:47:00

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent.

From Boris Malagurski
The Weight of Chains is a Canadian documentary film that takes a critical look at the role that the, NATO and the EU played in the tragic breakup of a once peaceful and prosperous European state Yugoslavia. The film, bursting with rare stock footage never before seen by Western audiences, is a creative firsthand look at why the West intervened in the Yugoslav conflict, with an impressive roster of interviews with academics, diplomats, media personalities and ordinary citizens of the former Yugoslav republics.
Visit the Official Site Here!

YouTube Running Time 2:04:13

The Weight Of The Chains..

There is also 2 other Documentaries by Boris Malagurski that are very good as well.. You can buy or rent them from his site.

Renegade Inc. brings you, "Four Horsemen", Documentary.
An award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works. As we will never return to 'business as usual' 23 international thinkers, government advisors and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain how to establish a moral and just society. FOUR HORSEMEN is free from mainstream media propaganda -- the film doesn't bash bankers, criticise politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories. It ignites the debate about how to usher a new economic paradigm into the world which would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions.

Found on YouTube, Running Time: 1:38:53

Renegade Inc. "Four Horsemen"

Some really good documentaries from James Corbett of The Corbett Report.
A MUST SEE set of documentaries about the rise of Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, and how he has went from Software to Health Care.
All sources and transcripts can be found on the Corbett Report website Here... Sources and Transcripts!

Found on lbry.tv, Running Time: 23:57
Just a quick note: I found that at times the sound is muted on lbry.tv when you start the video, and you might need to un-mute it..

Part One: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health.

Found on lbry.tv, Running Time: 28:01

Part Two: Bill Gates' Plan To Vaccinate The World.

Found on lbry.tv, Running Time: 36:47

Part Three: Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid.

Found on lbry.tv, Running Time: 38:45

Part Four: Meet Bill Gates..

The World War 1 Conspiracy set of Documentaries contain some very interesting facts and Information.
"And just like that, it was over. Four years of the bloodiest carnage the world had ever seen came to a stop as sudden and bewildering as its start. And the world vowed “Never again.” Each year, we lay the wreath. We hear “The Last Post.” We mouth the words “never again” like an incantation. But what does it mean? To answer this question, we have to understand what WWI was."
All sources and Transcripts can be found Here.. WWI Sources and Transcripts!

Found on D.Tube, Running Time: 31:52

Part One: To Start A War.

Found on D.Tube, Running Time: 35:51

Part Two: The American Front..

Found on D.Tube, Running Time 41:13

Part Three: A New World Order..

A two part documentary. The "How" and "Why" Big Oil got so big, and Conquered The World. It's an interesting History, and something everyone should know and understand about the players.
"Oil. From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that is not affected by the petrochemical industry. The story of oil is the story of the modern world. Parts of that story are well-known: Rockefeller and Standard Oil; the internal combustion engine and the transformation of global transport; the House of Saud and the oil wars in the Middle East. Other parts are more obscure: the quest for oil and the outbreak of World War I; the petrochemical interests behind modern medicine; the Big Oil money behind the “Green Revolution” and the “Gene Revolution.”
The Transcripts can be found Here.. Big Oil Transcripts..

Found on YouTube, Running Time 1:11:26

How Big Oil Conquered The World..

Found on YouTube, Running Time 1:53:00

Why Big Oil Conquered The World..

Filmmaker and author, Elisabeth Thieriot, embarks on an epic journey of discovery to dispel the myths about "the December 21st 2012 end of the world" conspiracy theories surrounding Aztec and Mayan Calendars.

Found on YouTube, Running Time 1:21:11

Why Didn't The World End In 2012? | Mayan Revelations: Decoding Baqtun | Timeline

The History of Religion on Earth series is an extensive treatment that delves into the ancient origins of religion, the constructs of primitive ritual, the institutionalized timelines, and the corruptions within those timelines that have led up to our current religious paradigm. We aim to analyze the current academic consensus but more importantly we want to introduce additional hypotheses that are disallowed by the mainstream.

Found on YouTube, Running Time 1:22:15

History of Religion

Primarily through the works of Zecharia Sitchin and other scholars researching the ancient Sumerian, Babylonian and Akkadian texts, a connection has been posited between the pantheons of Sumerian gods and Egyptian gods. To those who have gained wisdom in this knowledge, we know it is more than a connection. One of the primary tenets of the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis is that the Sumerian gods were real beings and not just part of a mythological construct of the earliest known civilization. As such, to find these gods’ equivalencies in other cultures and civilizations is of paramount importance. Such is the case with Thoth.

Found on YouTube, Running Time 2:27:16

Emerald Tablets of Thoth

There are thousands of ancient sites that consist or precision built buildings, but when examining closely there are fine cuts, angles, bore holes and the smallest of drill holes in rock so hard, it should have been impossible to do. Mysteries such as precision cut blocks of stone, strange huge stone spheres scattered all around the globe, the incredible ancient Chinese constructions, why obelisks are considered so special and even the heating of rock with unimaginable temperatures, and many researchers now agree, machinery must have been used. Why is it so hard to get answers and where is the knowledge gained by scholars going?

Found on YouTube, Running Time 1:47:05

Incredible Ancient Sites and Laser Cutting Technology of the Past

U.S. Government Documents reveal shocking UFO incidents at American nuclear missile sites. Documents smuggled out of Russia expose similar incidents at Soviet missile sites. Military veterans from both countries are now confirming these ominous events.

Found on YouTube, Running Time 1:33:57

UFO TV: UFOs and Nukes - Press Conference Washington, DC - September 27, 2010

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