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Covid-19 Pandemic

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There are a lot of questions, and a lot of finger pointing in this virus outbreak. There are also people who claim there is a paper trail telling a different story as to how this virus came to be. So far there has been no official information on where this virus originated, only assumptions due to the first city that figured out there was something wrong in November of 2019. There have been reports that this virus was detected in Spain as early as March of 2019, and in Italy as early as December 2019. Not only that, but in America there was an epidemic in August of 2019 that was said to be a Vaping sickness , but could that have actually been the Covid-19 virus? The symptoms were almost the same, and Doctors were not looking for this kind of virus at that time. It's also been pointed out that the yearly flu was really bad in 2018–2019 season, and it may not have been just the flu that was going around at that time. These are the questions that have never been answered, and because of what's going on right now, will most likely never be answered.

As I have said on the Hot Topics page, I just put out links to things that get censored or shadow banned, and you have to decide for yourself as to the validity of the information presented in the links I provide. I may or may not comment at the end, depending on how I feel about the subjects covered..

Lets first have a look at the people who claim that this was a Man Made Virus. They claim that there is a paper trail to prove this, and I will say that what they came up with is really head turning for sure.
They found Patents referring to "parts" of such a virus, and as we all know, you can't file a Patent for something that is Nature Made. When you alter something in Nature, that "part" can receive a patent. They did a 2 part video documentary on this subject, and shows how people have been discredited for providing such information to the public. Part 1 of Plandemic can be found here! And Part 2 of Plandemic can be found here!
When I was reading about the Covid-19 virus, it was first said it was not manmade since the virus itself had what they call, "Battle Scars", that is it had been in other animals first, and the animal's immune system caused some changes or damage in the virus to start with, and then it transferred to humans. I had never heard of that, but then again I had never been in a real pandemic to where I needed to try and understand just what's going on. So I tried to learn a bit more about Viruses, and also searched the web to see what was out there on this mess. I always go to the people I know really dig into something first, and one of them is "Potholer54" on YouTube. He did this video named, Did SARS-Cov-2 start in a Chinese lab?, and I think he did a very good job. He mostly does debunking, but backs up what he says with real facts.
There are questions about the people who fund such research, and how they are also into the Vaccine end of things. Bill Gates is clueless when it comes to Health of the people, yet that is what he is up to now days. In 1973 he enrolled at the Harvard University, and in summer of 1974 he dropped out, so he doesn't have any kind of a degree in anything, yet he is now the "Go To" guy when it comes to medical problems? The reason I bring this up is that since this Pandemic hit, I have seen Bill Gates on TV a lot more doing interviews. The people he uses to do the vaccines and vaccinate people are also questionable. He gave a Ted-Talk speech on if they do a good job with the vaccines, (about 4:30 into the video), it would lower the world population. Now my question to Bill is, how vaccines that should keep people alive longer, lower the population? Bill Gates organizations have been kicked out of India because his Vaccines have caused more illnesses than what he was vaccinating for, and in Africa they are hesitant to take the vaccines because of sterilizations that have happened in young girls due to the vaccines. You can find the documentaries about Bill Gates in the, "Our Links / Documentaries", part of our site done by, The Corbett Report.

On this subject I have a few comments. So here is my personal view about the U.S., China, Readiness, supplies, and where we are now.
From all the information I have seen, it's still not clear as to when this virus started, or where. As with anything new, it's going to get a good start before anyone figures out just what they are dealing with. I do feel that it could have been in the United States in August of 2019 for sure, as they have said in a few articles that the vaping illness had a lot of the same symptoms as the Covid-19 virus. If that is the case, then it was already here, and we missed it. This is also backed up by how many times this virus has mutated over time. In July of 2020 on the CBS News it was reported there are at least 6 different "types" of the Covid-19 virus. Now remember that in China when they found this virus in Wuhan, it was only one type they found. From the information I have seen, the experiment with this type of virus started in the United States until they shut it down, and moved it to labs all over the world, including the Wuhan Lab. It was found in Spain even sooner than the August date of the vaping illness. So the where and when it started are something we will probably never know for sure.
They did a "drill" just before this happened to see if we were ready, and what it would take to combat a pandemic just like this one. The United States hasn't been ready for anything like this for decades, and had it happened under any of the Presidents in my lifetime, the outcome would have been very similar. There have been mistakes, and they have tried to cover it up with finger pointing, and that doesn't make things any better, as it only makes things worse. Trump likes to say it's China's fault, and China will pay a price, and the world in the middle of this Pandemic doesn't need that kind of crap. China doesn't control what goes on in the United Stats anymore than we control what goes on in China. When they found this was something new and dangerous, the Chinese Government did put out warnings, and a few places did take note, and do something to protect themselves. The United States got the warnings at the same time as everyone else did, but didn't take the precautions needed until very late in the game. If this virus was already here, then nothing they did would have changed a single thing as it was already spreading across the country. Maybe they knew this, and it's the reason they didn't act right away. If they didn't know this, the first thing they would or should have done is quarantine the people coming into America for at least 14 days so they didn't have a chance to spread this thing even more. China can't do that for us, that is something we had to do ourselves, and we didn't. We did stop flights from China very soon after, but there was pushback even on that. Still flights that were coming in from all over the world were ignored early in this pandemic. Trump ignored the warnings about the need to get ready for any major pandemic, and cut funding to some areas that dealt with getting ready so he could spend more on the Military. One thing that Trump was right about, and that is Obama / Biden got lucky that the H1N1 wasn't as dangerous or spread as fast as the Sars-CoV-2, or this thing would have happened under the Obama Administration. The Obama Administration had eight years to build up the stock piles of PPE and ventilators that would be needed, and when this hit the stock pile of needed equipment was non existent. Reagan had eight years to build up stockpiles, Bush the first had 4 year, and Clinton had 8 years, and Bush #2 had 8 years, and none of them did what should have been done. As with the previous Presidents, Obama kick the can down the road, and that seems to be the way the American Government has operated for a very long time now. They all had their pet projects, and something that may or may not be needed takes a backseat, and due to just that idea of if we spend the money on something that may or may not be needed, it's wasted money. So for me to blame Trump for this is very hard, since he was only doing the same damn thing all the Presidents before him did, and unfortunately he was the one left holding the bag for this mess.
Things were made even worse when Dr. Fauci lied to American people saying wearing a mask did more harm than good, and that allowed the virus to spread even faster. The strange thing is, Trump got all the blame for changing the instructions he was giving to the people, and that information was coming from the so called experts in the field. I'm sure that they lied to Trump too, telling him to say this, then say that, and the people of this country didn't know what to believe. On "The Hill" News show, this frustration can be seen clearly when they talked about, how Dr. Fauci lied to the American People...
Because my Wife and I visit China a lot, we understood how it was going there, and took the precautions that we felt would be best for us here, and we didn't listen to the so called "Experts" here for that reason. So far so good when it comes to getting sick this year, even with the cases increasing at I type. We don't go out without a mask, and because we do go to China, we still had a few N95 masks on hand, and use them when we go out to do needed shopping. We had alcohol wipes on had that we also use in China before we eat there. All this to me is just common sense, and even if we are here in America, but the nasty bugs that are out there really don't care what Country you're in. We don't live in fear, but we also don't live in stupidity either, as we do what we think best to protect ourselves.
Trump blasted China for not stopping transportation out of China, but that's almost impossible to do since the Foreign people in China needed to get home, it's what happens at the end of the flight that counts. We didn't do anything but let them travel all over the place once they got here, and that was OUR responsibility, not China's...
As a final note, I will leave this with three video timelines done by an American that lives in China, and one video explaining the numbers since that too has been in the News and was a bit confusing. Nathan Rich has been watching what has been going on here, and also what's been in the News as well. So here is Nathan Rich giving you what he found out over time.. USA COVID-19 Timeline Part 1 and USA COVID-19 Timeline Part 2 and USA COVID-19 Timeline Part 3
Potholer54 did the Numbers Video.. The difference between Case Fatality Rate and Infection Fatality Rate.

There may be more to add later, but I think you got a lot to think about with this...